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[edit] Inventory

Here is an active inventory of Spaceblimp equipment & parts.

[edit] Batteries

AA lithium energizer batteries 0.525oz each

[edit] Cameras

canon powershot a-530 (no battery) 6oz canon powershot a-480 (no battery) 4.95oz canon powershot sd300 (with battery) 5.2oz gopro hero 2 3.5oz (2.4oz without battery) Hobbyking wingcam 1.1oz Samsung Galaxy S4 4.4oz (2.9 without battery) and without case

[edit] Communications

tinytrak4 with enclosure, battery, and antenna 9.7oz (1.7oz antenna) WhereAVR tracker 16.09oz TeensyTracker with GPS, batteries, and antenna 5.1oz (1.7oz antenna)

[edit] Parachutes

smallest parachute with lines (blue, orange with yellow rigging line) 5.9oz small parachute with lines 12.9oz larger parachute without lines 38.4oz dual parachute with lines 2.1oz

[edit] Payload enclosures

large single lunchbox (#1) 14.5oz small single lunchbox (#2) 12.7oz large double lunchbox (#3) 15.4oz

[edit] Other

4.6oz and 2.8oz radar reflectors 0.1oz microSD cards and support

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