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Broken link to last_occsensor.txt

The current link doesn't work:

Forbidden You don't have permission to access /sites/default/files/last_occsensor.txt on this server. Apache/2.2.14 (Ubuntu) Server at Port 80

Mike Chelen 06:36, 9 March 2011 (UTC)

 !Technical Sales Agents. @HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^

  1. Technical Sales Agents. HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^Technician.Voice Process. HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^Trainer.Quality Analyst. HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^Job vacancy for Inbound Sales.Job vacancy for Outbound Sales.HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Team Leader. HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Looking for Fresher job vacancies. HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Looking for a Night Shift job. HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ UK/US Shift. HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Looking for night shifts Australian shifts UK shifts in delhi HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Cce profile Accountant jobs Backend HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ jobs Technical sales HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Tech sales HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^

SME jobs HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Jobs for freshers HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^Voice profile HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Non voice process HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Tech support HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^Email process HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000 Chat process HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Insurance sales HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000 Tele sales HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Telecaller Full time jobs Marketing jobs Sales jobs Calling jobs Fresher jobs Sales @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Technical Sales Executive HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000 Technical Support @recruiter HR *@number +9-540-97-000 Tech Support HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Technical Support HR Executive @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ International BPO HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-000 Inbound Sales HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000 Voice process HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Sales support HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Product sales HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Technical Marketing HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^Tech Sales HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Technical Sales HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000 Tech Support HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^Technical Writing HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^Tender Management @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^Technical Support @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^Technical Architecture @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^Sales Retail @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Account Handling @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000 Account Planning @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000 Accounts and Administration @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Call centre @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Voice Process @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Voice Operations @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Voice Mail @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000 Voice Coaching @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000 Computer Aided Engineering @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000 Computer Graphics @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Tax Return @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^Tax Audit @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Tax Research @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000Tax Law @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^Tax Accounting @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Audit Risk Audit Reports L3&L Switches Logistic Regression Logistics Sale VLSIVLSI CAD VLSI Design Outbound Sales HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^International sales process HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^ Tech Support International Voice Process Voice Technician @@HR @recruiter *@number +9-540-97-0000^

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