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  • DVD .iso boots fine, but I did see some boot errors flash past before X came up
  • Looked for a desktop link or Control Panel entry to start Byzantium. Didn't find any.
  • I found no clear How-To or Getting Started documentation on how to get Byzantium Meshes up and running here on the Wiki or as part of the distro. Eventually found this post about running it from a USB stick
  • It would be good if Firefox opens by default to http://locahost:8080 so it is obvious for a newbie on where he has to go to configure the mesh
  • The "System Status" page is basically useless as it seems to say nothing about the current mesh status.
    • It is not obvious what is the status of the network i.e. ESID and channel that the network is using, and whether or not it is configured. Some wlan info here would be extremely helpful.
    • It is not obvious what is the status of the mesh, i.e. is it configured or not, what IP addresses are being used, how many peers have been found. Some ifconfig info here would be extremely helpful.
    • We never got around to configuring any mesh services.
  • Trouble keeping an ad hoc WiFi connection to the Byzantium mesh.
    • The laptops were all sitting next to each other and we were using a channel which was not being used by any other APs.
    • Windows 7 and Windows XP had would take a long time (minutes) before it was working, then disconnect after a while.
    • An Ubuntu netbook WiFi client seems to be a bit more reliable.
    • An HTC Desire couldn't see the ad hoc network
    • An iPhone 4 did seem to work.
  • Also booted Byzantium in a Virtual Machine (VM)
    • It would be great if there was a way to run a emulated mesh node in a VM for test and demo purposes. However, a VM can't expose or manage the host Operating System's WiFi.
      • It could, actually - VirtualBox's USB passthrough functionality could expose wi-fi keys to virtual machines.
    • Perhaps some sort of WiFi emulation layer that could run on eth0 inside the VM?
    • It would then be comparatively easy to spin up say 100 VM mesh nodes, and see if the routing protocol scales.
      • We're planning on doing a BattleMesh DC soon (v0.3? v0.4?)
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