Annual Meeting 2010

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Note: This page serves as the 2010 Annual Meeting's agenda (before the meeting) and minutes (after the meeting).


From the HacDC Bylaws, Article III, Section 2:

At the annual meeting, the voting members shall elect the Board of Directors, review and vote on the standing rules and policies of the corporation, receive reports on the activities of the corporation, approve the budget and determine the direction of corporation in the coming year.

Time and Location

7:30 p.m., Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Meeting called to order at 7:40:12 by el Presidente outgoing

Members Present: Jason D, Brad B, Todd F, Elliot W, Tim C, Ash, Alberto G, Daniel B, Martin R, Ben S, Tim B, Daniel P, Brian Redbear, Katie B, Nikolas C, Dan T, William G,

Others: Allen M, Nick F, Tom C

Quorum established? Yes

Officer Reports

President's Report

Been a really good year and a bit for HacDC. We've grown a lot. We've outgrown our space, we've got a bunch of great people doing great things. We've helped the church out along the way. The basement is turning into a workable workshop.

Vice President's Report

Nothing to report.

Treasurer's Report

See attached. The financial status of HacDC is strong.

Secretary's Report

Member Reports

Daniel Packer

There's a possibility of using warehouse space (near 1400 N Capitol) that's being used by MIT's FabLab. There's also possibilities of working with that group.

Digital capital week: HacDC has been invited to participate. There is funding available for kit builds, etc. Soft deadline, but proposals are currently being accepted.

Nikolas C

Doing more kit builds. AVR Programming class has started and should be more regular now.


Natural Language and AI group is fun.

Tim Ball

Airplane hanger space is still an option.


Would like to repeat the electronics class. Needs several alternate teachers

Daniel P

Is helping to organize a HacDC table for Robot Fest.

Todd F

501c3 App is ready to go now that we have the financial reports finished. The only other thing we need to do is to write a conflict of interest policy.

Ben moved to second the boilerplate conflict of interest policy Todd F posted to the members list. It passed unanimously

Alberto G

Hackers in Space project is gaining momentum.

Daniel B

Showing off goodies from Riley's shop.

Jay K

Requesting approval to get a new callsign for HacDC.

William G

FPGA class is going well.

New Business

Board of Directors Elections



Daniel P nominated himself, Alberto seconded

There were no other nominations.


Tim Ball nominated himself, Jay nominated himself, Daniel P nominated Todd F, Todd Declined someone nominated Nikolas C

Jay declined to give a statement.

Tim B promised to bring in beer if nominated

Nikolas says "blinkie lights are good"

Tim B won the vote.


Todd F was nominated

There were no further nominations


Tim B nominated Ben S. Daniel P nominated Nikolas C Ben S withdrew his nomination

There were no further nominations

At-Large Directors

Will was nominated Jay was nominated Tim C nominated Osman Tim B nominated Redbeard

Katie was the winner. Second place was a tie between William and Brian. A coin flip decided the vote in William's favor.

Induction of New Members

  • Alan McCosh
  • Tom Cohlmia
  • Nick Farr



Meeting adjourned at 9pm'ish