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See for the "instruction manual" for this list. October 2019 20 - 1PM - RSC - Linux / Unix User Group 9PM - UMdObs 21 - 11AM - UMdPS - Quantum photonics enabling novel quantum computer applications IBBR - Structural insight into the biogenesis of beta barrel membrane proteins 11:15AM - UMdSS - The Peculiar Volatile Composition of CO-Dominated comet C/2016 R2 (PanSTARRS) noon - UMdBS - BEES UMdES - Can We Use Future Observations to Improve Current Forecasts without Cheating? NOAA - Lake Erie Modeling and Data Assimilation to Improve Operational Forecast 2PM - UMdMS - Delta-structures and canonical lifts in families UMdBS - Alexander Sohr- Dissertation Seminar 3PM - UMdPS - Dark Neutrino interactions phase out the Hubble tension (.. also make gravitational waves blue) UMdMS - Singularities of Hermitian-Yang-Mills connections 4PM - UMdBpS - Dynameomics: From Simulation of All Protein Folds to the Design of Amyloid Inhibitors and Diagnostics 4:30PM - UMdSS - LIGO-Virgo Gravitational-Wave Findings So Far, and Current Events 6:30PM - GMUObs - What You Don't Know Can Kill You: The Case of Asteroids 7:15PM - WBMSDG - Investigating plant-derived antimicrobial peptides using PepSAVI-MS 22 - 11AM - UMdCS noon - NOAA - Quantifying Upstream and Downstream Emissions from Oil and Natural Gas Decoding a Decade of Detections: Acoustic Telemetry and Connectivity of Gray's Reef National Marine Sanctuary with the U.S. Atlantic Coastal Ocean 12:30PM - UMdBS - Climate adaptation, mitonuclear co-evolution and population divergence in an Australian songbird 1:15PM - UMdPS - Coherence, Chimeras and Passage Time Statistics 1:30PM - UMdPS - Gluonic Probe for the Short Range Correlation in Nucleus 2PM - UMdMS - Ph.D. Preliminary Oral Exam - David Russell 3:30PM - UMdBS - ANSC UMdMS - C^{1,1} Regularity of Geodesics of Singular Kahler Metrics 4PM - UMdPS - The glue that binds us all: lifting the veil on emergent universal dynamics in nature's strong force at high energies 5PM - Can We Imagine Our Way to a Better Future? (registration - 8PM - NASM - USS Hornet: Stories of the Apollo 11 Recovery (ticket required) 23 - 9AM - UMdEgS - Towards Scalable Manufacturing of Nanocomposite Films and Membranes Using Capillarity 11AM - UMdCS - Building and Applying in Silico Nanoscopes for Gas Hydrates and Ice UMdMS - Ph.D. Preliminary Oral Exam - Nathan Yu UMdCSS - Mental Health as an NLP Problem noon - UMdGcS - The Dirty Water Wheel: 2PM - UMdMS - nipotent Representations attached to Principle Nilpotent Orbits On stochastic equations with drift in Ld 3PM - UMdPS - LPS 4PM - UMdPS - Earth Strikes Back: The DART Mission to Impact an Asteroid 4:05PM - UMdSS 5PM - UMdMS - Spectrally Accurate Methods for Kinetic Electron Plasma Wave Dynamics 6:30PM - CI CSE - Slow, Energy-efficient, and Mysterious Life Deep Within Earth's Crust (registration required) 24 - 11AM - UMdCS IBBR - Design principles for bispecific IgGs - opportunities and pitfalls of artificial disulfide bonds UMdBS - Can we sensitize staph aureus to beta-lactam drugs again? NOAA - Quantifying Observation Impacts in Ocean Data Assimilation Systems 12:30PM - UMdBS - Wade Winkler Defense presentation UMdPS - Observations of Laminar Chaos 2PM - UMdPS - Functional Magnetic Materials for Emerging Spintronics and MEMS devices NOAA - Using Science Operations Tools and Methods from NASA for Remote Presence Ocean Exploration on Earth: A case study from E/V Nautilus Cruise NA108 3:30PM - UMdES - Local atmosphere-ocean predictability: dynamical origins,lead times, and seasonality UMdBS - Limits and possibilities of modality's effect on language: phonology through the lens of sign languages 4PM - UMdBS - Regulation of Plant Cell Expansion by SAUR-PPC.D Control Modules 7PM - RSC - MoCo Makers Group 7:30PM - ASG - Space Weather 25 - 9AM - UMdEgS - Programmable DNA nanostructures for biomedical research 10:15AM - UMdBS - The challenges of learning complex behavioral sequences -- lessons from songbirds 11AM - UMdCSS noon - UMdBS - CBMG The role of floral traits in pollination and bee disease transmission UMdES - Aerosol property measurements at NRL UMdPS - Probing Many-Body Chern Number Through Randomized Measurement 1PM - UMdPS - MSES 3PM - UMdGS - Searching for the deep roots of arc volcanoes: results from iMUSH seismic imaging in the Washington Cascades 26 - 10AM-3PM - RSC - Celebrating Chemistry: Marvelous Metals 27 - 3PM - RSC - Introductory Reinforcement Learning Series 28 - 9:15AM-4:30PM - NAS - Beyond the Black Box The Future of Machine Learning and Data-Intensive Computing in the Solid Earth Geosciences (reservation requirede - 11AM - IBBR UMdPS - JQI noon - UMdBS - BEES NOAA - Tools for interpreting how and what neural networks learn, and their applications for climate and weather 4PM - UMdBpS - Development of Synthetic Switches in Plants UMdPS - EPT 4:30PM - UMdSS - New Advancements in our Understanding of AGN Feedback from the VLA and Beyond 29 - 3:30PM - UMdBS - ANSC 4PM - UMdPS - Machine Learning and the Scientific Method 30 - 9AM - UMdEgS - Engineering new tools to understand mucus function and dysfunction 11AM - UMdCSS - Computer-Mediated Communication in Multilingual Teams QuICS UMdCS noon - NOAA - National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) 101: What I Wish I'd Known When I Worked at Center for Satellite Applications and Research (STAR) 3PM - UMdPS - LPS 3:15PM - UMdMS - Celestial surfaces 4PM - UMdPS - Axion Dark Matter Detection with CMB Polarization 4:05PM - UMdSS - The magnetic interstellar medium in three dimensions 31 - 8:30AM-5PM - NAS - Supplemental Treatment of Low-Activity Waste at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation (registration) 11AM - UMdCS - SS UMdBS - Heritable information in living systems 12:30PM - UMdPS - A putative mechanism for implicit learning in biological and artificial neural systems UMdBS - MOCB RIP 2PM - UMdPS - 2D Magnets, Heterostructures, and Spintronic Devices 3:30PM - UMdES - Climatology of the Hot Event in the Western Equatorial Pacific 4PM - UMdBS - Cell Expansion Control in Plant Growth and Reproduction 7PM - RSC - MoCo Makers Group November 1 - 10:15AM - UMdBS - Connecting vision to behavior in Drosophila 11AM - UMdCSS - Acoustics in the Age of IoT: Challenges, Opportunities, and threats noon - UMdBS - Leaf-associated periphyton in heterotrophic streams: Effect on macroinvertebrate assemblages and growth 1PM - UMdPS - Modeling of Heat Flow Across Interfaces 3PM - UMdGS - Shakedowns, creeps, and other triggering events: investigating the relationship between water and earthquakes in California and Taiwan 8PM - PSW - Tess' Exoplanets Results of the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite Mission "14:00" - UMdSS - Exoplanet atmospheric escape 3 - 1PM - RSC - Linux / Unix User Group 4 - 11:15AM - UMdSS Icy ocean world interiors - techniques and implications 4PM - UMdBpS - Simple ingredients, remarkable outcomes - Molecular machines and the secrets of life 6PM - GMUObs - This Isn't Your Grandaddy's Moon 6:30PM - UMdSoT - Blowing Up Mountains for Coal: Environmental Impacts That Never Stop (registration) 5 - 1:15PM - UMdPS - Rare-Event Path-Sampling via the Weighted Ensemble Strategy: Successes, Challenges, and New Frontiers 4PM - UMdPS - A Stylized History of Quantitative Finance 8PM - UMdObs - Transit of Mercury 6 - 9AM - UMgEgS - From molecules to devices: mechanistic analyses of electrochemical energy noon - UMdGcS - Analysis of metal phases from carbonaceous chondrites for the study of the chemical evolution of the solar system 4:05PM - UMdSS - High Mass Neutron Stars for Fun and Profit 7 - 11:30AM - NOAA - Machine Learning for Forecasting and Data Assimilation 3:30PM - UMdES - Efforts to merge MODIS and VIIRS cloud property data records 4PM - UMdBS - Toward the better management of grape ripe rot 6:30PM - CI NLS - The Biology of Corals, Basic Research and Environmental Health (registration recommended) 8 - 9AM - UMdEgS - The blood microenvironment: the good, bad and the sticky 10:15AM - UMdBS - Building internal models in the cerebellum noon - UMdBS - Impact of postharvest practices on Bt degradation in corn plants 1PM - UMdPS - Shape-Symmetry Incommensurate Polymer Crystals 3PM - UMdGS - Tracking volatile recycling in a heterogeneous mantle: Insights from the boron isotope composition of ocean island basalts 9 - 1:30PM - NCAS - Bizarre Psychological Disorders 10 - 7PM - NoVAC - History of NASA's Manned Missions 11 - 11:15AM - UMdSS - Observations of exoplanet atmospheres noon - UMdES - New Insights to the Workings of the Solid Earth from Short-lived Radiogenic Isotopes 4:30PM - UMdSS - New Mission Concept: Investigation of the Galactic Center in energy range 0.1 - 10 MeV with the Galactic Center Explrer 12 - 1PM - RSC ST - The merging of Science and Religion: Essential to maximizing human freedom and security in an interdependent world. Do the math! (registration required) 4PM - UMdPS - Physics and engineering of strong terahertz pulse generation 7:30PM - HacDC - monthly meeting 13 - noon - UMdGcS - Building Blocks of the Solar System and Earth 7:30PM - HacDC - amateur radio 14 - 11AM - UMdBS - Peli1-mediated infection and immunity: a tale of two neurotropic flaviviruses 2PM - UMdPS - Phenomenology of the overdoped Cuprates 3:30PM - UMdES - Aerosol Chemistry in Baltimore: Effects of Agriculture, Industry, and the Urban Heat Island UMdBS - Reverse Engineering the Origins of Intelligence 4PM - UMdBS - Functions of the type-B cytokinin response regulators in plant growth and development 15 - 10:15AM - UMdBS - Comparative neurobiology of vocal communication noon - UMdBS - Untangling pesticide use patterns in US agriculture and their effects on beneficial insects 3PM - UMdGS - Azimuthal P-P seismic measurements: Past, present, and future 8PM - PSW - Global Autonomous Ocean Sensor Flotilla ARGO and the Global Integrated Observation Strategy 16 - 7PM - Sexy Science, Serious Humor (registration & photo ID required, see DASER) 17 - 7PM - CSW/WCDG - Challenges in Forensic Separations (reservation requested -, (202) 659-2650) 18 - 11:15AM - UMdSS - Comet Interceptor 4PM - UMdBpS - Designing proteins for function 4:30PM - UMdSS - Neutrinos from Nuclear Reactors 5:30PM - GMUObs - Shedding Light on Gravitational Waves 7:30PM - GLMSMC - The Lost History of Potomac Marble 19 - 4PM - UMdPS - X-ray sources from laser-plasma acceleration: development and applications for high energy density sciences 20 - noon - UMdGcS - Probing the deep mantle through hotspot volcanism and geodynamic models 3:15PM - UMdMS - Discretizing Manifolds with Minimal Energy 8PM - UMdObs - Exploring Volcanoes in Central Iceland as Analogs for Planetary Surfaces 21 - 2PM - UMdPS - Enhancing superconductivity using quantum optics toolbox 4PM - UMdBS - Plant Synthetic Biology will Revolutionize Agricultural Capabilities and Sustainability 7PM - HAL - Meteor Astronomy from Lawn Chairs to the Digital Age 7:30PM - ASG - Telescope show and tell night 22 - 9AM - UMdEgS - Measuring mechanical forces at cell-cell junctions and the nuclear LINC complex 11AM - UMdCSS - SLOG: Serializable, Low-latency, Geo-replicated Transactions noon - UMdBS - Why socio-environmental research is so important: the role of UMD's National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) December 2 - 11:15AM - UMdSS - Giant planet characterization 3 - 8PM - STScI - Red and Brown Dwarfs: Understanding our Smallest and Closest (sub)Stellar Neighbors 5 - 12:30PM - UMdPS - Critical phenomena with interacting photons in driven-dissipative micro-cavities 6:30PM - CI CSE - The Day We Found the Universe (registration required) 8PM - UMdObs - ASTR 310 Student Research 6 - 10:15AM - UMdBS - Color as a tool for understanding how brains/minds work 11AM - UMdCSS - Can AI figure out your emotion just by looking at your walk? 8PM - PSW - The Brain in Super-Resolution 3-D Large Volume Molecular Mapping of Brain Circuits 9 - 11:15AM - UMdSS - Interstellar visitor: 21/Borisov 10 - 4PM - UMdPS - Effective non-Hermitian evolution of a superconducting qubit: probing the topology of a Reimann surface with quantum states 11 - 2PM - UMdPS - Calculating FSR with Quantum Computer 16 - 11:15AM - UMdSS - Climate studies of terrestrial exoplanets 18 - 2PM - UMdPS - ( g - 2 ) results from their (Adam Lyon) experiment