Regular Member Meeting 2016 05 10

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Called to order at xxxx pm by xxxx
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Treasurer's Report

I've realized a big mistake in how we handle some membership dues on PayPal. The old $50/mo dues are deposited automatically each month into our account, just as with Dwolla. The new "recurring" $60/mo subscriptions are listed but must be "billed" manually. Last month I billed a few of these for the first time since they were set up. It turns out they must be billed manually not just once but every month, and I didn't bill a handful of them in April, so our revenue is lower as some members are behind on dues thru no fault of theirs. This happened last year also and caused some headache. There are roughly half a dozen of subscriptions that were not billed properly, which is $360 per month.

Regular income in April was $1,110 and regular expenses were $1066. One-time income was $69 and one-time expenses were $174. There's an erroneous charge of $37 that should be refunded soon.

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