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I'm Nate. I'm from Detroit. While I was in town, I worked on on shelving, storage, organization, and general physical infrastructure for HacDC. I built the shelves above the sink and behind the door in the old space, and I built the elevating whiteboard/screen setup at the front of the room. I'm back in Detroit now, but hope to visit again soon.

Since leaving HacDC, I tried and failed to start one hackerspace in Detroit, but got involved in another which is pretty big now. HacDC members are welcome to swing by and meet us, if you're in the area.

Experience and expertise

  • Telecomm
    • Central-office installation practices
    • Digital cross-connects
    • SONET
    • CDMA cellular infrastructure
  • General electronics
    • Kit-building
    • Laptop modding
  • Ham radio
    • Extra-class license holder, just because
    • Never made a contact under part-97 rules
    • Part-15 has plenty of fun toys, thanks
  • Vehicle electronics stuff
    • CANbus et al.


  • Bragging rights
  • Deadlines
  • Elegance


  • Paperwork
  • Dietary fat
  • High expectations
  • Gravity

Favorite stuff

  • My bookmarks: [[1]]