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This is a draft document which has not been voted upon by the membership as of 2/17/2018. Contribute collaboratively. -Tom

Implicitly, HacDC's bylaws allow suspension of access to the space for 'substantial cause'. Here, an attempt is made to explicitly enumerate the legal and ethical framework which allows the HacDC community to pursue its non-profit mission.

Voting and key holding membership at HacDC is a responsibility. In having nominated and voted in a member, the HacDC membership has extended great trust to preserve the opportunities its talent, space, and equipment, represent for the organization's non-profit mission. In donating to HacDC, the public has trusted the voting membership to ensure opportunities exist to put these resources to good use. In extending 501(c)3 status, through the IRS, the US federal government has extended trust in the organization's voting membership to direct their resources for public benefit consistent with public policy.

Members of HacDC must encourage productive community growth, create a welcoming environment for others, minimize safety or security hazards, safeguard equipment, and supervise guests. Members must not excessively or substantially divert HacDC resources away from its non-profit mission (ie. to unrelated commercial purposes). Members who are unable or unwilling to act responsibly or comply with HacDC policies, will have their access to the space suspended.

Guests at HacDC are accountable to the members supervising them, who in turn, are expected to uphold their responsibilities. Guests who are unable or unwilling to act responsibly or comply with HacDC policies, are to be removed by any member present. Evicted guests may appeal to the BOD and other members, who may review whether the member's decision was responsible.

BOD and members alike are always ready to help build consensus as to what constitutes responsible activity.

Members of the board of directors and event organizers will happily help members and visitors contact building security or local law enforcement, provide escorts, or otherwise assist those experiencing harassment to feel safe and prevent harassment for the duration of their visit at HacDC. We value your attendance.