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This is the documentation vertex for a 3D printer build run started in July 2013.

Vital links and major log entries can be made here (by anyone, as always). Detailed logs should be made either in a user's own log (which should be linked from here). It'd be a good idea to consolidate what was learned and place it on this page in the end.


Get a few people together that want their own 3DP and build 'em.

The primary point is to get working, somewhat reliable machines running in order to focus on using the printers. This may be a bit different than many hackerspace builds that might focus on improving the 3DP designs.


  1. What model(s) to build?
  2. Find mentors. People that can help when we get stuck or review what we've done and suggest corrections.
  3. Create BOM, aka parts list
    1. Catalog what parts we already have at HacDC.
    2. Find supplier(s) or kits for all other parts.
  4. Set some form of gathering schedule or build timeline. (a little structure is good)

Which model?


  • Rostock / Max
    Kossel seems to be an improvement
  • Kossel (original)
  • Kossel Mini
    current Kossel
    Looking at linear bearings / towers.. may need to pull something from the OpenBeam version
    Note: 'Mini' is a misnomer, scale it as you like.
  • OpenBeam Kossel Pro
    in Kickstart phase
    David's top pick but Terrance (openbeam guy) understandably hasn't released a bom yet


  • i3
    current Mendel design
  • Mendel Max
    larger, beam-styled Mendel


  • Simpson
    Uses only rotary bearings, like biological entities such as you
    Some design concerns; wear at base rotation points, accuracy on reel drives

Mentors / Guides

Unbeknowst to them, considering asking Julia and/or mirage.



David McInnis aka User:gatohaus
-- general geek, minor user-level 3DP skill
-- want my very own 3DP at home
-- goal: reliable printing


2013.07.07 - Started page for 3DP build run.