3DP Repair 2022.02

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This is the documentation vertex for 3D Repair started Feb 26th 2022

Vital links and major log entries can be made here (by anyone, as always).


Repair Ultimaker, TAZ Mini, Monoprice Ultimate 2 and

The primary point is to get working, somewhat reliable machines running in order to focus on using the printers. This may be a bit different than many hackerspace builds that might focus on improving the 3DP designs.


Tayeb Zaidi aka User:tark
Matt Stafford
Kevin Cole


2022.02.26: Matt, Tayeb, and Kevin at the space initiating upgrades/repairs

To Purchase for Ultimaker -- Extruder and Bowden tube to replace current assembly To Purchase for Monoprice -- N/A

General 3D Printer Supplies: Filament, and airtight filament containers General Supplies: Binder clips, razor blades, drivers for screwdrivers (3-4 regular, 3-4 miniature), flat side wire cutters, lubricant