AVR Microcontroller Class 2011

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Syllabus, course material, homeworks, photos, etc from an Introduction to Microcontrollers with AVR chips class can be found here.

Also see (and contribute to) Useful AVR Links

Class 0: Introduction and Setup

Covers: What the AVRs are, what all the pins do, what they can do for you. A brief tour of the toolchain, and getting your firmware up and running on the chip. Reading the datasheets. How to make chips speak digital to the outside world, pin-by-pin. Just enough C programming fundamentals to make it work.

Lab: Building the kit and running a test LED flasher.

For detailed info on the class kit, see Avr2011_kit.

avr2011_LED_Demo.c avr2011_LED_Demo_Makefile

Homework: More soldering, and Cylon Eyes. Optional extra credit: Simple POV toy (hint, make the timing a lot faster and swing your arms). Super bonus points: Make a neat POV toy.