A HacDC Christmas

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This is a proposal to create a holiday-themed program for kids, aimed at raising money for and awareness of the Loaves & Fishes program. Saturday night (weekend in December) would be the best time.

Proposal Vitals

Status: In Progress, Discussion

  • Project Lead: Q
  • Proposed Budget: $500.00
  • Goals:
    • To have a high profile charity event to stimulate HacDC's presence in the community
    • To boost our 501(c)(3) application
    • To build relationships within the church

Detailed Proposal

The idea is basically to have the Church transformed into a technology playground for kids of the area, in a very Christmas type fashion. The main things we could have is someone (Nick? hehe) dressed up as Santa sitting on the stage talking with kids, we could have plenty of food for both kids and maybe the homeless (like the F&L program already does)... The stage/meeting area in the Church could be the kids area and then we could have a separate area for just the F&L program portion... So with foods and Santa comes the best part and the main reason we would want to be involved...

We can have little workshops setup throughout the church with little Christmas-type kits where we can teach the kids about technology and creating/MAKEing/building and certainly the reality of developing whatever you dream.

Ideally, I was thinking the workshops would include things like: NYCR's lazz0r and 3D printing (with some of us helping them design Christmas type objects to build, we need a project to collaborate with them anyway), One of MAKE:DC's awesome little kit builds designed with a Christmas theme for kids (Mark, want to design?), Maybe Elliot can do a micro controller class where they make some type of LED Christmas tree ...

The reality of it is that we would need a whole lot of support and participation from our members and friends of HacDC. This doesn't have to be something amazingly EPIC at first, but if we stay around awhile (even if we do move) we could do this anually. Not only would this help our 501c3 but it's also a great thing to do for our community and for the holidays in general.

Richard has lots of turkeys and may be able to bring in his old chamber group together for it