Annual Meeting 2009

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HacDC Annual Meeting February 21, 2009

The meeting was called to order at 5:11 PM by standing Coordinator In Chief Elliot Williams.

Members Present: Nick Farr Ben Stanfield Matt Lesko Derek Cooper Tim Collins Serge Wroclawski Member 7 Katie Bechtold Martin Rothfield Member 19 Member 44 Elliot Williams Jonathon Blocksom Member 48

Others Present: Andrew Jillette Tommy Johnson Art Coleman

The C-i-C declared a Quorum was present, and gave a brief overview of the official items to address at the meeting.

New Business:

Board of Director Elections

Jason nominated Elliot Williams Member 48 seconded. The nomination was accepted

No other nominations were offered, so Elliot Williams is Coordinator in Chief.

Minister of Information

Member 7 nominated himself. Tim Collins Seconded.

Katie nominated herself. Nick Farr pointed out that there is no requirement for seconding.

A vote began, but was halted when Rodney expressed a desire to address those present about why he wanted to serve.

Candidates were given the opportunity to give their reasons for wanting to serve.

Member 7 spoke on his wish for a website with more functionality.

Derek and Tim expressed an interest in having members available to step up and help out regardless of ministerial duties.

A vote was held and the vote was in favor of Katie. Katie Bechtold is the Minister of Information.

Keeper of the MIBS Ben nominated himself. The nomination was accepted.

No other nominations were offered, so Ben Stanfield is Keeper of the MIBS.

Tim Collins nominated himself for Minister of Finance.

Tim plans to increase transparency for the finance office.

No other nominations were offered, so Tim Collins is the Minister of Finance.

At Large Board of Directors:

Derek Cooper nominated himself.

Serge Wroclawski nominated himself.

Tim Collins nominated Member 7. Member 7 declined the nomination.

Nick Farr was nominated by Ben. Nick declined the nomination.

No other nominations were offered so Serge and Derek are the at-large board members.

Elliott made a motion to change the registered address to HacDC from the former apartment of Nick Farr to the HacDC Space's Address.

Derek seconded the motion.

No one was opposed. Motion carried.

New Member Approval Discussion:

Elliot explained the current process, and opened it for discussion.

Nick Farr pointed out that the Minister of Finance can bestow non voting member priveleges before becoming an official voting member.

Derek Cooper suggested that a member should have to go through a review.

Tim suggested membership should require approval by the board at some point.

Ben Stanfield expressed his desire that when a person paid dues they immediately became a member.

Nick Farr made a motion to defer any undecided issues from the annual meeting to the next regular meeting.

Tim Collins seconded.

Derek Cooper moved to admend the motion to end this meeting at 7. No one seconded and the amendment died.

No one opposed Nick's motion. Motion carried.

Elliot moved to table the discussion of new member approval. Member 7 seconded.

there were no objections.

HacDC Finances

Elliot asked for the finance report report from the outgoing minister of finance.

Nick Farr presented the finance report (see attached) and turned over current financial records to the incoming minister of finance.

Discussion of the finance report centered around the cost of a wireless credit card machine that Nick Farr had arranged, but had never been used. Nick agreed to pay back HacDC for the $1,231.85 in fees and charges associated with the machine.

Without objections, the finance report was accepted.

Elliot moved to table each further topic after 15 minutes of discussion.

The meeting was suspended for dinner.

At 8:05 the meeting was resumed.

Ben proposed a motion to change the standing rules for meeting frequency. The motion was to make every second Tuesday of the month the "formal business meeting" and to make the every other Tuedsay meeting an "infomal non-voting meeting" where no business may be conducted.

Elliot seconded.

Debate centered around whether the by-laws allowed us to hold non voting meetings. Derek believes that the bylaws do not allow it. Nick Farr and Ben Stanfield both argued that the Annual meeting is for setting standing rules, and that it was possible for a rule to declare which meetings could allow voting on official business.

The motion carried.

Ben moved to adopt Robert's Rules of Order as the framework.

Member 7 moved to amend the motion and select the modified or new revisions.

Ben seconded

There were no objections.

Derek motioned to table, arguing he needed more time to study Robert's Rules of Order. Tim seconded.

Ben pointed out that it had been on the agenda for a month, and that virtually every single club, group, organization, and membership body in the world used Robert's Rules.

The motion to table passed.

Quorum changes were discussed, but there didn't seem to be a consensus on whether we need to change it or not.

There was a proposal to add a quartermaster position to handle space cleanup and sell our unused inventory on eBay.

Tim suggested having a once a month day to clean the space, mixed with an event like beer making.

There was discussion of talking about accepting and disposal of hardware at a future meeting.

The general consensus was that no one wanted to be the quartermaster as described, so the motion to create the position was tabled.

2009 Budget Items

A discussion about possible budget items for 2009 was suggested. Different items included Basement project, 501c3, Tools, Advertising, Cons, food, reserve fund, and more.

Serge nominated himself for PR Coordinator. There was no objection.

A motion was made to adjourn. There were no objections. Meeting adjourned at 11:18 PM.