Annual Meeting 2011

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Note: This page serves as the 2011 Annual Meeting's agenda (before the meeting) and minutes (after the meeting).


From the HacDC Bylaws, Article III, Section 2:

At the annual meeting, the voting members shall elect the Board of Directors, review and vote on the standing rules and policies of the corporation, receive reports on the activities of the corporation, approve the budget and determine the direction of corporation in the coming year.

Time and Location

Meeting called to order at 2008 EST by Brian Harrington

Members Present:

Brian Harrington Toast Xaq R. Bradford Barr John Katie B. William Gibb Todd Fine Peter Edworthy Ben the Pirate Chris K. Phillip Stewart Tim C Jamie Martin Rueben Elliot Williams


Quorum Yes

Officer Reports

President's Report

IRS 501c3 status has been obtained. Donations made to HacDC can now be considered tax-exempt. Please contact any Board Member to obtain a receipt for a donation made to the space.

Membership has changed over the past year; gaining members, losing members and having old members return to the space.

Fundraising is now a very important part of our organization. This is traditionally the job of the president in a non profit.

We have been in contact over the past two years with news organizations - we need to make sure we keep in contact with these groups, as it will only be beneficial for ourselves.

Keep up the programming! With our do-ocracy approach that may seem difficult, but it is a crux of how we operate. See examples of Elliots microcontrollers class, Brad's lockpicking class, Tom's lathe class, et cetera. This is a core strength and needs to be maintained.

Remember that we're all adults and should be capable of resolving personel issues amongst ourselves.

Always feel comfortable approaching the Board of Directors with any issues you feel are large enough to warrant our attention. Email bod [ at ] hacdc [ dot ] org or talk to one of us in person. We need to be aware of large issues.

CHECK OUT Foundation Center They are located in Downtown DC and area fantastic resource!

Vice President's Report

Not Present

Treasurer's Report


Current Assets

Bank Accounts

BBT Checking 2,726.07

Total Bank Accounts $2,726.07

Other Current Assets

Paypal 3,733.28

Undeposited Funds 0.00

Total Other Current Assets $3,733.28

Total Current Assets $6,459.35

Other Assets

Rent Security Deposits 850.00

Total Other Assets $850.00

TOTAL ASSETS $7,309.35



Total Liabilities


Opening Balance Equity (April 2010, Beginning of Quickbooks) 9,023.84

Retained Earnings -1,304.64

Net Income -409.85

Total Equity $7,309.35



2526.00 RENT


$37.45 LINODE





We have some serious budget considerations we need to address. We have an operating budget of about ~2,600 USD/month.

At the present burn rate, we will be able to make it through our current lease without going bankrupt. After the end of our current lease, we will need to seriously consider if we can stay in this space.

Q: Have we reconciled the billing discrepency with the church, regarding the change in our monthly rent? A: The church has started billing us at the proper rate, as of this month.

Secretary's Report

No Secretary present.

At-Large Directors' Reports


Hopes to have been a useful board member. Will be leave DC for a year to move to Kyoto to study the Art of Tea.


Secured a large electronics test equipment donation from GWU. Happy to have been a board member the past year :)

Member Reports

  • Martin: Robotfest is coming up. This is a huge gathering of folks likeminded towards HacDC. We should make a presence there, as it will provide good visibility to us as an organization. We should take up spaceblimp, other projects we do. I volunteer to drive up there.
  • Todd Fine: Nick B. and Alex H. helped out quite a bit in building out the FIRST Robotics robot. This is a good start towards a useful relationship to promote HacDC.

New Business

Brian: New benefits that go inhand with out 501c3 Status.

  • Signed up for Google Ads for Hacdc, we get 10,000 USD worth of Adwords each month.
  • Eventbrite fees are nearly nothing. Very easy to use to run ticketing for events that have limited resources. See Brian or ??? to get hooked up with that.
  • Remote meetings/telemeetings via GoToMeeting via TechSoup. $95/year for up to 1000 attendees [for up to 5 years, normally a 5,000 USD value]. Voting allowed, but not secret ballot (if you want it secret, show up). Would also allow for remote attendees of classes. This allows for unlimited phone callins to classes, meetings, et cetera. Also screencasting. This nearly nonexistent in the Hackerspace world. IRC lurkers, members that are away from the space, other visitors, can easily callin or connect to our screencasts.
    • Redbeard proposed the purchase of GoToMeeting via TechSoup, TC Seconded.
    • Motion Passes
  • Brian Harrington proposes to ratify the standing rules as they stand.
    • Elliot Williams seconds the motion.
    • Motion Passes

Board of Directors Elections


Elliot and Redbeard were nominated. Redbeard elected.


Tim, Elliot, Brad? nominated. Elliot elected.


Tim C. elected through acclimation.


Ben Mendis elected through acclimation.

At-Large Directors

Will, Toast, Brad, Xaq, Phil nominated. Will and Brad elected.

Induction of New Members

JustMike from NYC (knows A1Labs, NYCResistor). Nominated by Redbeard, seconded by Brad. Memberized.


Several ideas

  • Artisphere electronics: Alberto has made us aware of Artisphere's desire to partner with us on an electronics class. There is potential to do a one off workshop. There a potential to run a longer-term class (8 weeks) that could be a revenue stream for us.
  • Kickstarter: Valid for 501c3 donations, but cannot be used for operational expenses. Martin would like to see us put together a Kickstarter program put in place in order to build up facilities.
  • JustMike - Lots of potential to get federal funding for wireless sensor networks, solar power, methane works. Needs to be applied to green energy, agriculture, energy reduction applications. Kid/youth education and integration programs are also available.
  • Peter Edworthy - We need to make sure anything we do has some way to enable longterm financial streams.
  • Toast: RadioCPR does bar nights, CPR does 1200/USD pre bar night in practically free money. We should too.


Meeting adjourned at 2200 EST.