Annual Meeting 2012

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Note: This page serves as the 2011 Annual Meeting's agenda (before the meeting) and minutes (after the meeting).


From the HacDC Bylaws, Article III, Section 2:

At the annual meeting, the voting members shall elect the Board of Directors, review and vote on the standing rules and policies of the corporation, receive reports on the activities of the corporation, approve the budget and determine the direction of corporation in the coming year.

This meeting will also serve as the monthly meeting for the month of February.

Time and Location

Officer Reports

President's Report

Vice President's Report

Treasurer's Report

Currently have 59 voting members so quorum is still 14 for now.

Here is the financial summary spreadsheet for Jan 2012: File:HacDC Financials Jan 2012.pdf

We added members Scott Robbins and Stephen Nichols in January. Vince was voted in but has not paid yet as far as I know - please contact me if this is incorrect! And we added three other membership subscriptions (Chalk, Hughes, and Myers) but have not voted on them as members yet as well - maybe this month? Two non-paying members, one hasn't responded and may be dropping.

We finished January almost $500 ahead and membership revenue is now >= expenses! If this keeps up, HacDC will have some resources to put into projects again going forward.

Secretary's Report

At-Large Directors' Reports



Member Reports

New Business

Board of Directors Elections




Tim Slagle is running for re-election as Treasurer.


At-Large Directors

Induction of New Members