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=== Director-at-Large Reports ===
=== Director-at-Large Reports ===

==== Phil ====
==== Matt ====

==== Don ====
==== Mike ====

== [[:Category:Project_Awesome|Project Awesome]] Reports ==
== [[:Category:Project_Awesome|Project Awesome]] Reports ==

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From the HacDC Bylaws, Article III, Section 2:

At the annual meeting, the voting members shall elect the Board of Directors, review and vote on the standing rules and policies of the corporation, receive reports on the activities of the corporation, approve the budget and determine the direction of corporation in the coming year.

Time and Location

January 28th, 2017 at 4pm

Meeting called to order at

Members Present: Others Present: Quorum met?

Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes


Director Reports

President's Report

Vice President's Report

Treasurer's Report

Secretary's Report

Director-at-Large Reports



Project Awesome Reports


Project SEM



Audit Committee Report

Member Reports

Old Business

Bylaws Amendments

  • Proposed Amendment to Bylaws Article II, Section 6: Add "For substantial cause, the Board of Directors may indefinitely suspend a member's access to the space by a 2/3 majority vote of the board. By voting at an official meeting with quorum, members may reinstate or suspend, access or membership, for any member whose access has been suspended by the board. The board may suspend the access of no more than two members per month via this procedure. Access to the space may not be re-suspended by the Board of Directors for the same actions or incidents. Explanation of such suspensions must be submitted electronically to all members." (This proposed bylaws amendment must be signed by 3/4ths of all members before it is adopted)

New Business

  • Group Photo. The group photo we have is ANCIENT. Literally 90% of those people are gone. New photo is years overdue.

Board of Directors Elections

Results of the elections are as follows:

New Members


Adjourned at