Annual Meeting 2022

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From the HacDC Bylaws, Article III, Section 2:

At the annual meeting, the voting members shall elect the Board of Directors, review and vote on the standing rules and policies of the corporation, receive reports on the activities of the corporation, approve the budget and determine the direction of corporation in the coming year.

Time and Location

   Date: Tuesday, March 8
   Location: HacDC

Meeting called to order at

   Time: 7:43pm
   By: Tayeb


  • Members Present:
    • Kevin
    • Ken
    • Tayeb
    • John
    • Michelle
    • Gabe
    • Matt
    • Obi
    • Mario
    • Brian
    • Don
  • Others Present:

Quorum met?


Approval of Previous Meeting's Minutes



Michelle - initiative taking, leadership All Members - getting out of the red

Director Reports

President's Report

Tayeb: initial goal to reopen to the public, however we have regular online meetings (Online Project Night, Microfabrication, FreeCAD). In the future, would like regular meetings of some sort and continue and move to "hybrid." Next steps: verify (and fix) tools/equipment and prepare space for use.

Vice President's Report

Treasurer's Report

Financial Report: Current Balance -- $11,572.80 We currently have 18 paying members, $870 from dues and an additional $148.16 from donations. Rent is $900 for February, total expenses are $957.57

Secretary's Report

  1. HacDC WorkRoom Safety & Security:
    1. Waiver. Hold harmless agreement for existing and new members.
    2. Safety Instruction. Training class for existing and new members. Short-term: documentation and videos on website. Long-term: an online Learning Management System (LMS) like Video Lessons Plugin or other LMS plugins on WordPress
    3. Room monitoring systems. Possible solutions: room occupancy, room safety monitoring, timed entrance, air quality monitoring (ie. return Ken's Air Quality monitors)
  2. City of DC Safety & Security:
    1. Christine: HacDC ham radio club is active in emergency communications, assisted on the Women's March and is organizing an emergency response group. There is also CERT training given by the city

Director-at-Large Reports



Project Awesome Reports


Project SEM


  1. Need to build an (high-level) inventory list that is public-facing. Should include dates.


Audit Committee Report

Member Reports

Old Business

  1. Wiki-Website Re-Design - the Unified Data Team launched new Wiki and new Website for purpose of unifying two platforms, minimizing duplicate information, focusing sites for particular audiences. In regards to the WordPress Admin, do all 31 users still need access? No, they do not.
  2. ECE Conference on March 25 - annual conference hosted by Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Head Association (ECEDHA) this year in New Orleans LA invited Tayeb and Michelle to speak on hackerspace-related panels (yay! we found panelists). Goals: promote HacDC, find well-resourced partners, represent HacDC well. New programming:
    1. Tayeb's pre-panel discussion Monday veered towards ways to open up hackerspaces to the public.
    2. Katie B - former member may have worth of information
  3. FurnishHopeDC - Bobby says, "this seems like it might be a good group for HacDC to get involved with (providing & fixing computers and possibly building furniture out of scrap wood"

Bylaws Amendments

  • No bylaws amendments (<-- carry over to next Old Business...several board members like this)

New Business

  1. Workspace Opening Up - status update. Church common areas still requires masks. Inside workroom: members welcome to not wear masks as long as others give consensus - default to most conservative attendee.
    1. Two Saturdays Ago - Matt, Kevin, Tayeb went to get 3D printers running again. Need 2-3 more "hackdays" before Octaprint server runs with 3 functional printers.
      1. Monoprice printer (Ultamaker style) is working now (yay!).
      2. Second printer needs OEM part costs $400 (value for $3500 printer).
      3. Ninjaflex printer works
        1. Kevin: the rubber does get stuck, so there is a process for cleaning out the tube which needs to happen between runs in order for it to work again
    2. New likely tools:
      1. ~$2000-$2400 for laser cutter - already scoped by Ethan and Tayeb
        1. Matt: if do this may need to (1) account for safety and (2) increase our insurance liability
        2. Michelle: would like to see a committee formed for interested parties to devote long-term success for this project
      2. Existing laser cutter - John curious if we need this => Tayeb feels it should hang around because members like to tinker on it but maybe time to relegate to basement to get more space.
      3. Build-a-Laser-Cutter idea - Mario could produce a DIY one
      4. "tool certification" - Kevin says FabLab has this for their laser cutter use; specifies what kinds of materials you can/cannot burn; John points out will take some effort to run properly
  2. Resources for Instructors - on website, could include: list of tools available to instructors and process for requesting access (Zoom, Google Groups). How are Tristan/Ethan doing with Jitsi? TechSoup Zoom is not free, sadly, so not viable unless demand is there. See "OBS Studio" which a member could download and record then post. See "Big Blue Button" (see Kevin) - cons: single-screen sharing compared to Jitsi's multi-screen sharing. (note: Jitsi does recording but does so poorly.)
  3. UpCycled - Mario in touch with Orlando on potential collaboration related to recycling; see past fundraiser.
  4. Farm Hack - Michelle interest in non-profit of farmers who hack things together to promote sustainable agriculture, maybe invite leadership to talk for 5 minutes
  5. Raspberry Pi Rep - Kevin says that on occasion a rep from Raspberry Pi will drop in on HacDC
  6. Rockville Sci-Tech Fair on Apr 24th - Tayeb has requested two tables at the event; need to verify we will have power & wifi access (event is outdoor)
  7. Bike Lights - Tayeb wants to host event to add Persistent Vision, artistic art, to bikes and promote bike safety
  8. Basement Cleanup - John would like us to consider making space use again Spring Cleaning
    1. New Committee: John, Brian, Michelle - first step is go down there and assess what to keep/throw out & assess water damage; would be nice to get networking going again (see Network Closet behind security person's desk); there is also a CNC computer which should still work with the CNC mill

Board of Directors Elections

Slate of Candidates -- Michelle Savage: President, Obioma Anomnachi: Vice-President, Tayeb Zaidi: Secretary, Matt Stafford: Treasurer, John Pancoast: At-Large, Gabriel Altay: At-Large Results of the elections are as follows:

   President: Michelle Savage ran unopposed
   Vice President:  Obioma Anomnachi ran unopposed
   Treasurer: Matt Stafford ran unopposed
   Secretary: Tayeb Zaidi ran unopposed
   At large seats: Gabriel Altay and John Pancoast ran unopposed

New Members


Adjourned at

   Time: 9:17pm