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This is the "instruction manual" for the Area science event list ( This is an incomplete list of science events (talks and science fairs; excluding book, article, or movie discussions, workshops, and events focused on finance rather than science) in the Washington area and at the STScI and BUGSS in Baltimore. Only free events are listed but registration, a free ticket, or other advance arrangements may be required (noted when known). Normal times and locations for events are given below but note that there may be exceptions. In-person events where the speaker is virtual are included. Warning: All events are subject to change with no warning. Send additions, corrections, comments, etc. to: CI=Carnegie Institute - - Capital Science Evenings - 6:45PM Carnegie Institute (1530 P St. NW Washington, D.C. 20005) (registration required) NLS - 6:30PM Broad Branch Road Campus (5251 Broad Branch Rd. NW Washington, D.C. 20015) (registration recommended) DASER=DC Art Science Evening Rendezvous - - 6PM (registration and photo ID required) DCSC=D.C. Science Cafe - - 6:30PM Busboys and Poets (1025 5th St. NW (5th & K St.) Washington, D.C. 20001 (202)789-BBAP HacDC - (202)556-4225 - 7:30PM St. Stephen & the Incarnation Episcopal Church 2nd floor (1525 Newton St. NW Washington, D.C. 20010) LDPL=The Labs at DC Public Library - LFV=Little Falls Village - (301) 320-3267 - 1:30PM Little Falls Library NAS=National Academy of Sciences - NCAS=National Capital Area Skeptics - (240)670-NCAS - 1:30PM PSW=Philosophical Society of Washington - - 8PM John Wesley Powell Auditorium (left of Cosmos Club 2170 Florida Ave. NW Washington, D.C. 20008) RSC=Rockville Science Center -, (240)FUN-8111 (RSC=Rockville Science Cafe - 3rd Tue. 7PM ST=Science Tuesdays *YASC=Young Adult Science Cafe Rockville Science Day - April noon Montgomery College (51 Mannakee St. Rockville, Md. 20850)) TBC=The Bowen Center for the Study of the Family - - 4400 MacArthur Boulevard, NW Suite 103, Washington, DC 20007-2521 Biology BUGSS=Baltimore Under Ground Science Space - - (410)732-0947 (101 N. Haven St. Suite 105 Baltimore, Md. 21224) CASSS - (biotech) HHMI=Howard Hughes Medical Institute - - Janelia Research Campus (19700 Helix Dr. Ashburn, Va. 20147 (571)209-4000) (ticket required) IBBR=Institute for Bioscience & Biotechnology Research (UMd.) - SCBI=Smithsonian Conservation Biology Institute (National Zoo) - UMdBpS=Univ. of Md. Biophysics Seminars - (301)405-9307 - Mon. 4PM IPST 1116 UMdBS=Univ. of Md. biology seminars (also see IBBR) - (301)405-6905 (ANSC=Animal & Avian Science Seminar BBS=BISI-BEES Seminar BCBMS=BISI-CBBG and BISI-MOCB Seminar BCS=BISI-CBBG Seminar BEES=Behaviour, Ecology, Evolution and Systematics CBBG=Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, and Genomics CBCB=Center for Bioinformatics and Computational Biology CBG=Computational Biology and Genomics CBMG=Cell Biology and Molecular Genetics CSC=Cognitive Science Colloquium EC=Entomology Colloquium EG=Evo-Gen Seminar ENTM=Entomology Seminar MOCB=Molecular and Cellular Biology PSL=Plant Science Lecture RIP=Research in Progress VM=VetMed Seminar) Chemistry UMdCS=Univ. of Md. chemistry seminar - (301)405-1788 (SS=Student Seminar) CSW=Chemical Society of Washington - WCDG=Washington Chromotography Discussion Group - Engineering UMdEgS=University of Md. engineering seminar (FDR=Fluid Dynamics Reviews - MES=Mechanical Engineering - MNC=Maryland NanoCenter - CBmE=Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering - Be=Bioengineering - WBMSDG=Washington-Baltimore Mass Spectrometry Discussion Group - Environment-Geology GLMSMC=Gem, Lapidary, and Mineral Society of Montgomery County, MD., Inc. - - 7:30PM 2nd Monday Rockville Senior Center (1150 Carnation Dr. Rockville, Md.) GSW=The Geological Society of Washington - UMdES=Univ. of Md. environment seminar - (301)405-5391 (ACBBT=Atmospheric Chemistry Brown Bag Talk - Friday CSS 3400, DS=AOSC Departmental Seminar - Thursday 3:30PM CSS 2400, ESSIC=Earth System Science Interdisciplinary Center Seminar - Monday noon M-Square 4102, SS=AOSC Student Seminar - Tuesday 3:30PM CSS 3400) UMdGcS=Univ. of Md. Geochemistry Seminars - - Wed. 11AM CHEM 0215 UMdGS=Univ. of Md. Geology Seminars - (301)405-4082 - Fri. 3PM PLS 1140 GMUES=George Mason University environment seminar - PtSW=Paleontological Society of Washington - - 3rd Wed. 7PM National Museum of Natural History room E-304 Math DCAPS=DC-Area Anonymity, Privacy, and Security Seminar - MAA=Mathematical Society of America - - Carriage House (1781 Church St. NW Washington, D.C. 20036 (202)319-8476) (registration) UMdCSS= Univ. of Md. computer science - & (301)405-2662 (CAT=Capital Area Theory Seminar CLIP=Computational Linguistics and Information Processing HCIL=Human-Computer Interaction Lab QuICS=Joint Center for Quantum Information and Computer Science Seminar) UMdMS=Univ. of Md. Math Seminars - (301)405-4190 (ANT=Algebra-Number Theory D=Dynamics GT=Geometry-Topology LGRT=Lie Groups and Representation Theory NA=Numerical Analysis) Misc. TOOOL-DC=The Open Organization of Lockpickers - - 1st Wed. The Board Room (1737 Conn. Ave. NW Washington, D.C.) Physics APS=American Physical Society - - 3rd Wed. 1PM American Center for Physics (1 Physics Ellipse College Park, Md. 20740 (301)209-3000) UMdPS=Univ. of Md. physics seminars - (301)405-3401 (AD=Applied Dynamics Seminar CNAM=Center for Nanophysics and Advanced Materials CMTC=Condensed Matter Theory Center DSTL=Distinguished Scholar-Teacher Lecture GP=Gravitational Physics Seminar HEP=High Energy Physics ISP=Informal Statistical Physics JQCS=JQI-QuICS-CMTC Seminar JQI=Joint Quantum Institute LPS=Laboratory for Physical Sciences MSES=MSE Seminar NP=Nuclear Physics Seminar NT=Nuclear Theory Seminar PACP=Phys/ANE/ChemPhys Joint Seminar PP=Plasma Physics Seminar QuICS-see UMdCSS SP=Space Physics Seminar) Space UMdObs=Univ. of Md. Observatory open houses - - (301)405-6555 - 5th & 20th 8PM (Nov.-April) or 9PM (May-Oct.) (Metzerott Rd.) NCA=National Capital Astronomers - - 2nd Sat. 7:30PM UMd. Observatory (Metzerott Rd.) NoVAC=Northern Virginia Astronomy Club - - 2nd Sun. 7PM GMU Research Hall Room 163 GMUObs=George Mason Univ. Observatory - - Research Hall TPS=The Planetary Society - ISUSC=International Space University Space Cafe - ASG=Astronomical Society of Greenbelt - - last Thur. 7:30PM HAL=Howard Astronomical League - - 3rd Thur. 7PM Robinson Nature Center downstairs (6692 Cedar La. Columbia, Md. 21044 (410)313-0400) NASM=National Air & Space Museum - (202)633-1000 (WNIA?=What's New in Aerospace?) Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Colloquium - (restricted access; not included in list) STScI=Space Telescope Science Institute - - 1st Tue. 8PM (3700 San Martin Dr. Baltimore, Md. 21218 (410)338-4700 UMdSS=UMd. space seminar - & (301)405-3001 (AC=Astronomy Colloquia - Wed. 4:05PM CSS 2400 BANG=Better Astronomy for a New Generation - Thur. 4PM PSC 1136 CTC=CTC Theory Lunch - Mon. 11AM PSC 1136 LCS=LMA/CARMA Seminar - 3PM PSC 2136 PAL=Planetary Astronomy Late-afternoon Seminar - Mon. 2PM SCRP=Space and Cosmic Ray Physics Seminar - Mon. 4:30PM CSS 2400) Weather AMS=American Meteorological Society - NOAA=National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration - - (1305 East-West Hwy. Silver Spring, Md. 20910 & 5830 University Research Ct. College Park, Md. 20740) (possible nuisance security; may require advance notice)