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See for the "instruction manual" for this list. September 21 11AM UMdCS - Native Cell Membrane Nanoparticles System and Membrane Protein Structural Biology UMdEgS - Resolving Thermodynamic and Kinetic Barriers in Non-oxidative Methane Conversion by Reactor Innovation 22 11AM UMdPS - Assessing Hybrid Molecular Platforms for Next Generation Quantum Technologies 4:05PM UMdSS - The Importance of Being Interpretable 23 3:30PM UMdMS - Finite time singularities for nematic liquid crystal flow and Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert Equation Probabilistic Record Linkage in Data Integration 24 11AM UMdCSS - Imaging under extreme conditions using machine learning and statistical signal processing UMdEgS - MOF-enabled Membranes: Innovative Approaches Toward Energy-efficient Gas Separations 1PM UMdPS - First-Principles Optimization and Discovery of Materials for Energy Conversion and Storage 3 UMdCSS - Advancing Computational Science using Extreme-Scale Parallel Computing 27 11AM UMdPS - The magic of emergent topological particles 28 4PM UMdPS - Perspective on John S. Toll's "OmniPolymathism" From An Age Of Skepticism. 29 11AM UMdPS - Building Chemistry Approaches for Outstanding Challenges in Quantum Computing October 4 11AM UMdPS - Novel Clocks for New Physics Searches 5 11AM UMdCS - From Single-Cell Analysis to Spatial Metabolomics 6 3PM UMdPS - A Generic Class of Field Theories that Appear to be Finely Tuned 8 1PM UMdPS - Kirgami: Programming, Cutting and Folding from Microscale to Meter Scale 11 7:45PM GLMSMC - Diamonds 12 11AM UMdCS - Structural and Biophysical Basis of Molecular Mimicry and Host Hijacking by SARS-CoV-2 Spike 15 1PM UMdPS - Synthesis of Nanomaterials by Atmospheric Arc Plasmas 3:30 UMdCS From Atoms to Mechanisms: Artificial Intelligence Augmented Chemistry for Molecular Simulations and Beyond 18 11AM UMdPS - Generation of photonic graph states from spin-photon interfaces 20 4:05PM UMdSS - The Status and Outlook of Cosmic Microwave Background Polarization Measurements 25 11AM UMdPS - Quantized Nonlinear Response in Ballistic Metals 29 1PM UMdPS - Bayesian Materials Discovery Frameworks November 8 11AM UMdPS - Engineering Atom-Field interactions in Nanoscale Quantum Optical Systems 7:45PM GLMSMC - Chromite mining history of Montgomery County MD. 9 11AM UMdCS - Molecular Mechanisms of Regulation of the EphA2 Receptor Tyrosine Kinase 22 11:15AM UMdSS - Modeling of rocky exoplanets (incl. hurricanes!) 29 11:15AM UMdSS - Lunar dust (tentative) December 1 3:15PM UMdMS - Cycles on products of elliptic curves and a conjecture of Bloch-Kato 6 11AM UMdPS - Mechanical measurements of small forces 13 11AM UMdPS - New Technology for Exploring State-Dependent Reactivity in Radiative Association Reactions 11:15 UMdSS - Exoplanets in reflected light (tentative)