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See for the "instruction manual" for this list. October 2017 24 - 11AM - UMdCS noon - NOAA - Mercury in the Great Lakes: Can We Explain Trends? 1:15PM - UMdPS - ISPS 2PM - NOAA - California Collaborative Fisheries Research Program: Using a Citizen Science Model to Monitor California's Nearshore Fisheries UMdMS - Topological Integral Transforms with Applications to Sensing 3:30PM - UMdPS - Quantum Information Processing and Raising Schrodinger's Cat UMdBS - AASS UMdMS - Twists and Twistability A new and robust approach to construct energy stable schemes for gradient flows The Automorphism Tower Problem UMdES - SS 4PM - UMdPS - control of coherent quantum systems 25 - 11AM - UMdCSS - Quantum SDP-Solvers: Better upper and lower Bounds Information Fusion and Sensemaking at Scale UMdGcS - Correction algorithm for continuous flow IRMS analyses of carbonates and celluloses UMdCS noon - UMdBS - Stress Cleaning: a new way to decluuter the endoplasmic reticulum 2PM - UMdMS - Hierarchical construction of images and the problem of Bourgain=Brezis Relative Local Langlands Correspondence and Geometry of Parameter Spaces 4:05PM - UMdSS - AC 6:30PM - CI CSE - Pale Rainbow Dots: The Search for Other Earths (registration) 26 - 11AM - UMdCS - Natural Products Synthesis and the Development of Novel Synthetic Methodology UMdBS - Challenges facing the poultry industry and what poultry veterinarians and scientists are doing about them noon - NOAA - Public acceptance of U.S. wind energy: Historical lessons and results from the first nationally representative survey of wind farm neighbors 12:30PM - UMdPS - Neural Representation of Speech in Human Auditory Cortex UMdBS - Impact of TCF7L2 Silencing on Gene Transcription in Colorectal Cancer Cells UMdCSS - Technologically Mediated Teacher Noticing 2PM - UMdBS - Dovetail Genomics - Building the Best Genome Assemblies on Earth UMdPS - An Unconventional Approach to Topological Superconductivity NOAA - Using Web of Science to support NOAA aquaculture research 3:30PM - UMdBS - Moral Flexibility: Insights from Neuroscience UMdES - Improving Constraints on Aerosols in the United States Using Ground Based Observations, Satellite Retrievals, Radar, and a Chemical Transport Model UMdMS - Scalable Sparse Cox's Regression for Large-Scale Survival Data via Broken Adaptive Ridge 4PM - UMdBS - Land cover signatures across contrasting urban systems: an approach to tracking dynamic heterogeneity 6PM - DASER - Ecological Art (registration & photo ID required) 6:30PM - CI NLS - The Mystery of Planet Formation (registration recommended) MAA - Four Tales of Impossibility (registration) 27 - 9AM - UMdBS - Computational methods in missense mutation analysis: phenotypes, pathogenicity, and protein engineering 10AM - UMdBS - Heirarchical auditory neural processing underlying speech perception at the cocktail party UMdCSS - PhD Proposal: Tools and Experiments for Software Security noon - UMdBS - CBMG Catching periodical cicadas in the act. Range shifts in the southern Appalachians (with a timely addendum about why Zombie Cicadas are to be avoided!) UMdES - ACBBT 2PM - UMdMS - Towards a Tannakian framework for (G,I1/4)-displays 30 - 11AM - UMdPS - JQI 11:15AM - UMdSS - PALS 11:30AM - UMdPS - Gluon structure of hadrons and nuclei noon - UMdBS - BBS 3:15PM - UMdMS - Twisted K-homology of compact Lie groups 4PM - UMdBpS - Understanding transcription and splicing heterogeneity in gene expression 4:30PM - UMdSS - Origin and Consequences of Large Solar Energetic Particle Events 31 - 11AM - UMdCS noon - NOAA - Feedbacks between small herbivores and habitat complexity: a new hope for degraded coral reefs? 12:30PM - UMdBS - Using Peromyscus mice to investigate sperm aggregation and its interactions with capacitation 3:30PM - UMdMS - Adaptive FEM for the fractional Laplacian: a priori and a posteriori error estimates, efficient implementation and multigrid solver UMdBS - AASS UMdES - SS 4PM - UMdPS - Searching for the Origin of Matter Using Pear-Shaped Nuclei November 1 - 11AM - UMdCSS - Classification and clustering based on LDA-like models noon - NOAA - Overview of Climate Change Research within NOAA's Northeast Fisheries Science Center 2PM - UMdMS - Algebraic Combinatorics in Geometric Complexity Theory Multiscale convergence properties for spectral approximations of a model kinetic equation 3:15PM - UMdMS 3:30PM - UMdES - Seasonality in the Secular Warming of the Northern Continents 4:05PM - UMdSS - Probing the Cosmic Dawn and the Epoch of Reionization with the 21cm Hydrogen Line 2 - noon - NOAA - In situ effects of shoreline type and watershed land use on submerged aquatic vegetation habitat quality in the Chesapeake and Mid-Atlantic Coastal Bays New America - Listening In: How Encryption Can Preserve Cybersecurity in an Insecure Age ( - registration 12:30PM - UMdPS - Modeling Network Dynamics of Pulse-Coupled Neurons 2PM - UMdMS - Statistical properties of the Standard map with increasing coefficient 3 - 10AM - UMdBS - Neural circuits underlying operant learning in larval zebrafish noon - UMdBS - How the network got its nodes: the genetic origins of complex and novel morphological traits. 3:30PM - National Zoo - Mimicry, Camouflage and Flight: What Eggs Reveal About Avian Behavior 8PM - PSW - Predicting the "Unpredictable" and Killing the Blue Screen of Death 4 - 1:30PM - NCAS - Familial DNA Searching: An Investigative Tool that Increases Public Safety? Or an Illegitimate Practice of Genetic Surveillance? 5 - 8PM - UMd. Obs. - Magnetic explosions at our home planet and accreting black holes 6 - 3:30PM - UMdES - History and Future of Air Pollution Emissions: Why, What, and How Much? 7 - 1:15PM - UMdPS - Prominent and Subtle Manifestations of Persistent Probability Currents in Non-equilibrium Steady States 4PM - UMdPS - Hidden Momentum 8PM - STScI - Dangerous Worlds 9 - 12:30PM - UMdPS - Optimal Bounds and External Trajectories for Time Averages in Dynamical Systems 2PM - UMdBS - SNP-Age interactions contribute to hypertension NOAA - Deriving High-accuracy Ellipsoid Heights with OPUS-Projects 3:30PM - UMdES - Role of Indonesian Seas on Global Ocean Circulation and Climate National Zoo - The tiny microbes that rule the world 4PM - UMdBS - Huanglongbing and the US citrus industry: status and ongoing research 11 - 7:30PM - NCA - Transient Relativistic Jets 12 - 7PM - NoVAC - Observations of the White Light Solar Corona 13 - 2PM - UMdBpS - Protein conformational dynamics in recognition and catalysis: AlkB, GCN4, and Ribonuclease H 15 - 11AM - UMdGcS - Punctuated metamorphism during prolonged Archean orogenesis revealed by Sm-Nd garnet geochronology 4:05PM - UMdSS - The local massive black hole occupation fraction 16 - 12:30PM - UMdPS - Adaptive Coding for Sensory Inference in Dynamic Environments 2PM - UMd - Bioscience Day- Neuroscience, from Bench to Bedside UMdBS - Criticality in Tumor Evolution 3:30PM - UMdES - History and Future of Air Pollutant Emissions: Why, What, and How Much? 4PM - Adventures of a chromosome scientist (cytogenticist): exploring the staff of life and the life of weeds 5PM - UMd - Bioscience Day 6:30PM - CI NLS - The Roadside Geology of Earth's Moon (registration recommended) 7PM - HAL - Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Science Results 17 - 10AM - UMdBS - Tracking the influence of music training on cognitive aging 8PM - PSW - Life 2.0 20 - 8PM - UMd. Obs. - Deflecting Asteroids 21 - 3:30PM - UMdES - A new Integrated Threshold selection methodology for Spatial Forecast Verification of extreme Events 28 - 12:30PM - UMdBS - Diversity of sex chromosomes in cichlidfishes 30 - 12:30PM - UMdPS - No Equations, No Variables, No Parameters, No Space, No Time: Data and the Modeling of Complex Systems December 1 - 8PM - PSW - Physics Beyond the Higgs 4 - 4PM - UMdBpS - Selective treatment and imaging of cancer micrometastases using biophysical approaches 5 - 8PM - ASTR 310 Student Research 6 - noon - NOAA - Vibrio pathogens in the Chesapeake Bay under future climate change scenarios 7 - 12:30PM - UMdPS - Optical Control of Excitation Waves in A Biological Excitable Medium 15 - 8PM - PSW - Cloaking Devices and Perfect Lenses 20 - 1PM - APS - Future Science, Brilliant Engineering, for the James Webb Space Telescope 8PM - UMd. Obs. - TESS: the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite