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See for the "instruction manual" for this list. November 2017 14 - 11AM - UMdCS - Architecture of the Human Mitochondrial Respiratory MegaComplex UMdMS - Strum-Liouville Framework for Dynamical Reconstruction by Delay Embedding UMdPS - Dynamics and Coherence of a Driven Spin Qubit 12:30PM - UMdBS - EGEDS 1PM - ST - Contributions and Relevance of Fluorescent Proteins (registration required) 1:15PM - UMdPS - Wilson's Renormalization Group Theory: Ken Wilson as I Knew Him 2PM - UMdMS - Optimal coherence from finite group actions 3:30PM - UMdBS - AASS UMdMS - Numerical computations with functions defined on the sphere and disk Relativized Lascar groups. UMdES - SS 4PM - UMdMS - Existance and Boundedness of Isoperimetric Regions in Surfaces of Revolution with Density UMdPS - Optical Tools for Unraveling Whole-brain Neuronal Circuit Dynamics Underlying Behavior 15 - 9AM - UMdPS - Single-shot modular transformations: transversal logic gates and measuring fractional statistics 9:50AM - UMdPS - Edge state super currents in the quantum hall regime 10:40AM - UMdPS - Chiral anomaly without Landau levels 11AM - UMdGcS - Punctuated metamorphism during prolonged Archean orogenesis revealed by Sm-Nd garnet geochronology UMdCS - Fluorescence of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes: From Discovery to Applications UMdCSS - Text Analytics in Finance: A Case Study and Some Considerations Practical Quantum Appointment Scheduling 11:30AM - UMdPS - Symmetry-protected macroscopic degeneracy in Floquet systems noon - UMdBS - High throughput screening of genetic variants for gene processing defects 1PM - APS - Primary Frequency References at NIST: Atomic Clocks 1:50PM - UMdPS - Observation of mobility edges in a one-dimensional bichromatic incommensurate potential 2PM - UMdMS - Generalizations of Springer fibers associated to ad nilpotent ideals Steady-states Flows along Channels: Simulation and Numerical Solutions 2:40PM - UMdPS - Quantum dynamics with tensor networks 3:15PM - UMdMS - Scale, pattern and biodiversity 3:30PM - UMdPS - Measuring Quantum Entanglement Entropy through Restricted Boltzmann Machines 4PM - UMdPS - Search for a Boosted Higgs Boson Produced via Gluon Fusion and Decaying to b Quarks 4:05PM - UMdSS - The local massive black hole occupation fraction 16 - 9AM - UMdPS - Thermal Ising Transitions in 2D Heisenberg Magnets 9:50AM - UMdPS - A Model for Metastable Magnetism in the Hidden-Order Phase of URu2Si2 10:40AM - UMdPS - Fractions and Gapped Boundaries 11AM - UMdSS - Nucleus Properties and Thermophysical Modeling of Comet 29P/Schwassmannn-Wachmann 1 UMdBS - Solving the mystery of female gonorrhea NASM - WNIA? -"For Better or Worse": An Astronaut Couple On Spaceflight, Marriage, and Family 11:30AM - UMdPS - Interaction effects from the parity of N in SU(N) symmetric fermion lattice systems 12:30PM - UMdPS - Adaptive Coding for Sensory Inference in Dynamic Environments UMdBS - Tetrodotoxin Engineered Resistance for Probing Synapses (TERPS) II: Engineering TTX-Resistant Sodium Channels at Endogenous Levels in a Tissue Specific Manner. 2PM - UMdBS - Traumatic Brain Injury: It's all about Balance (registration requested) Criticality in Tumor Evolution UMdMS - Asymptotic behavior of Markov operator corresponding to non-expanding piecewise linear maps UMdPS - Magnetism and superconductivity in MBE-grown SrTiO3-based hetereostructures 3PM - UMdBS - Reproducibility and Rigor in Computational Neuroscience: Testing the Data Driven Model (registration requested) 3:30PM - UMdES - History and Future of Air Pollutant Emissions: Why, What, and How Much? UMdMS - Efficiency Requires Innovation UMdPS - The quantum Hall effect from topological field theory 4PM - UMdBS - Adventures of a chromosome scientist (cytogenticist): exploring the staff of life and the life of weeds From Neuroscience to Neurotherapeutics (registration requested) 5PM - UMd - Mathematical Ecology: A Century of Progress, and Challenges for the Next Century (registration requested) 6:30PM - CI NLS - The Roadside Geology of Earth's Moon (registration recommended) 7PM - HAL - Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter Science Results 7:30PM - ASG 17 - 9AM - UMdPS - Teleportation as a signature for Majorana bound states in the weak Coulomb blockade limit 9:50AM - UMdPS - Conductance interference in a superconducting Coulomb blockaded Majorana ring 10AM - UMdBS - Tracking the influence of music training on cognitive aging 10:40AM - UMdPS - 1D spin-orbit coupled bosons: spin-momentum locking and the quantum critical point 11AM - UMdCS - Native Mass Spectrometry Probes for Determination of Linkage Dependent Interfacial Interactions of Covalently Linked Diubiquitin 11:30AM - UMdPS - Andreev bound states versus Majorana bound states in quantum dot-nanowire-superconductor hybrid structures: trivial versus topological zero-bias conductance peaks noon - UMdBS - CBMG EC 1:50PM - UMdPS - Topological superconductivity in monolayer transition metal dichalcogenides 2PM - UMdMS - Formal groups and p-adic elliptic curves 2:40PM - UMdPS - Fast pulse sequences for dynamically corrected gates in singlet-triplet qubits 3PM - UMdGS - Shear heating controls mineralogy, seismicity, and convection in subduction zones 3:30PM - SCBI - Adapting parallel sequencing for faster, better, cheaper genetic assays used in environmental science UMdPS - Spin-orbit coupling induced two-electron relaxation in silicon donor pairs 4:15PM - UMdCSS - Josephson Junctions with Weak Links of Topological Crystalline Insulators 8PM - PSW - Life 2.0 18 - 10AM - UMdPS - Neutrino Physics 20 - 11AM - UMdPS - Many-body quantum chaos of ultracold atoms in a quantum ratchet 11:15AM - UMdSS - PALS noon - UMdBS - Convergent middle ear loss in frogs and the evolution of 'earless' hearing 2PM - UMdMS - Degeneracy loci and nested Hilbert schemes 3PM - UMdPS - Searching for Dark Matter Annihilation in Nearby Galaxy Groups 3:15PM - UMdMS - GT 4:30PM - UMdSS - High-energy gamma rays from particle accelerators in the Galaxy 8PM - UMd. Obs. - Deflecting Asteroids 21 - 11AM - UMdCS UMdCSS - PhD Defense: Model-Based Testing of Off-Nominal Behaviors UMdPS - Intertwining topological order and discrete broken symmetries in the hole-doped cuprates via quantum fluctuating antiferromagnetism 1:15PM - UMdPS - Fluid Polymorphism: From Superfluid Helium to Metallic Hydrogen 3:30PM - UMdES - A new Integrated Threshold selection methodology for Spatial Forecast Verification of extreme Events UMdBS - AASS 4PM - UMdPS - Einstein's Equations from Entaglement 7PM - RSC - Monitoring Volcanoes from Space 22 - noon - UMdBS - BCBMS 23 - 12:30PM - UMdBS - CBMG/MOCB RIP UMdPS - AD 2PM - UMdBS - CBCB/CBBG RIP 24 - 10AM - UMdBS - NACS noon - UMdBS - CBMG 27 - 11AM - UMdPS - JQI 11:15AM - UMdSS - PALS noon - UMdBS - BBS 1PM - UMdCS - Electronic Modification Within the Well-Established CPAM Framework as a Means Toward Increased Reactivity 5:30PM - GMU Obs. - Outer Space: Where We Go and How We Get There 28 - 11AM - UMdCS UMdPS - CMTC 12:30PM - UMdBS - Diversity of sex chromosomes in cichlid fishes 3:30PM - UMdBS - AASS UMdES - SS 4PM - UMdPS - From Einstein's Theory to Gravity's Chirp 29 - 11AM - UMdCSS - CLIP UMdGcS noon - UMdBS - BCBMS 2:30PM - Entanglement Wedge Reconstruction via Universal Recovery Channels 4:05PM - UMdSS - AC 30 - 11AM - UMdCS 12:30PM - UMdPS - No Equations, No Variables, No Parameters, No Space, No Time: Data and the Modeling of Complex Systems UMdBS - CBMG/MOCB RIP 2PM - CBCB/CBBG RIP 3:30PM - UMdBS - Cognitive Science Colloquium UMdES - DS December 1 - 3:30PM - SCBI - Urban soil microbes: global convergence and restoration success 7PM - UMdP - Physics is Phun 8PM - PSW - The Doom of Spacetime 2 -7PM - UMdP - Physics is Phun 4 - 4PM - UMdBpS - Selective treatment and imaging of cancer micrometastases using biophysical approaches 5 - 11AM - UMdCS UMdPS - Quantum control of spins in silicon 4PM - UMdPS - The Great Chernobyl Hoax: How Chernobyl Health Problems Were Forgotten as Soon as They Were Discovered 8PM - UMd. Obs. - ASTR 310 Student Research 6 - noon - NOAA - Vibrio pathogens in the Chesapeake Bay under future climate change scenarios 7 - 11AM - UMdCS - Unexpected Catalysis for RNA and DNA 12:30PM - UMdPS - Optical Control of Excitation Waves in A Biological Excitable Medium 3PM - UMdCS - Inorganic-Organic Coating via Molecular Layer Deposition Enables Long Life Sodium Metal Anode 8 - 3:30PM - SCBI - The role of hybridization in avian speciation 9 - 7:30PM - NCA - What X-rays Tell Us About Black Holes 13 - 1PM - UMdCSS - From estimation of quantum probabilities to simulation of quantum circuits 6:30PM - CI CSE - Pediatric Robotics: A Journey from Lab Innovations to Social Impact (registration required) 7:30PM - HacDC - monthly meeting 15 - 8PM - PSW - Invisibility Cloaks and Other "Impossible" Optics 19 - 7PM - RSC - Infrared imaging ... Seeing it ... or not? 20 - 1PM - APS - Future Science, Brilliant Engineering, for the James Webb Space Telescope 8PM - UMd. Obs. - TESS: the Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite