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See for the "instruction manual" for this list. February 2018 13 - 11AM - UMdCS - The Molecular Mechanism of PAM-Dependent DNARecognition ofCRISPR-Cas9 UMdCSS 12:30PM - UMdBS - EG 1PM - UMdBS - Transgenerational Silencing at a Susceptible Locus in Caenorhabditis elegans 1:15PM - UMdPS - Direct Measurement of a Weakly Nonequilibrium System Entropy using a Feedback Trap 1:30PM - UMdPS - Dispersive tools for light meson scattering and resonance determinations 3:15PM - UMdMS - Almost Sure Invariance Principles (ASIPs) 3:30PM - UMdES - Evaluation of precipitation algorithms for the Advanced Scanning Microwave Radiometer UMdMS - A Conformal Mapping Formulation For Inviscid Incompressible Fluid Drops and its Numerical Analysis Configurations and Ranks First-Order Deformations 4PM - UMdPS - COHERENT Neutrino Scattering at the SNS 4:30PM - UMdMS - Singular sets of plurisubharmonic functions 6PM - Nerds In NoMa - Love Me Tinder: Digital dating in the city 7:30PM - HacDC - monthly meeting 14 - 11AM - UMdGcS - Deglacial Dynamics of the Antarctic Ice Sheet During the Last Climate Transitions UMdCSS - Real world security: from theory to practice and back again Bridging NLP and brain science to improve natural language understanding UMdPS - Visualizing Charge Carrier Dynamics in Nanowires with Pump-Probe Microscopy noon - NOAA - Transformative Mindset Change as a Precondition to Successful Reorganization: Part 1 UMdBS - How latency is maintained post drug treatment 2PM - UMdMS - The q-Schur dualities of finite type The role of the autologous immune response in chronic myelogenous leukemia (yes, this is listed under math) 3PM - NOAA - Ecosystem Based Management/EBFM seminar series: Process studies to quantify ecosystem dynamics and inform EBFM in the central California Current 3:15PM - UMdMS - Stability for symmetric groups and Hecke algebras 3:30PM - UMdPS - Global Two-Fluid Study of Tokamak Edge Turbulent Transport 4PM - UMdPS - Doubly charmed baryons and the discovery of Xi_cc++ at LHCb 4:05PM - UMdSS - Nearby Galaxies with the Atacama Large Millimeter Array 7:30PM - HacDC - amateur radio in Malawi 15 - 9AM - UMdMS - Minimization of a Particular Singular Value (registration) 9:45AM - UMdMS - Random Subspace Learning for Prediction in Ultra-High Dimensional Spaces (registration) 10:30AM - UMdMS - Stability of Vortex Solitary Waves in Dispersive Models (registration) 11AM - UMdCS - Tunneling Control of Chemical Reactions UMdCSS - Automated Android Security Assessment: Malware, Vulnerabilities, and Exploits UMdBS - The Art of War: Exosomes as Carrier Pigeons of the Cell to Help Protect against Pathogenic Infections UMdPS - Quantum LEGOs: Building large quantum systems atom-by-atom 11:15AM - UMdMS - FIOs with singularities in SAR (registration) noon - NOAA - Natural Shoreline Infrastructure: Working with Nature to Increase Coastal Resilience 12:30PM - UMdPS - The spherical Couette system: simple yet complex 2PM - UMdBS - CBCB/CBBG RIP UMdPS - Using Josephson Junctions to Probe Quantum Materials UMdMS - Invariant Random Subgroups of Full Groups of Bratteli diagrams On Adversarial Learning (registration) 2:45PM - UMdMS - The Usefulness of a Modified Restricted Isometry Property (registration) 3:30PM - UMdES - Carbon monitoring for the US Northeast Corridor UMdBS - AComparative Biological Approach to Language Evolution: People are Animals Too UMdMS - One Bit Sensing (registration) 4PM - UMdBS - PSL 4:15PM - UMdMS - No equations, no variables, no parameters, no space, no time: Data and the modeling of complex systems (registration) 6PM - DASER - Ice (registration & photo ID required) 6:40PM - UMdMS - Historic Mathematical Objects - A Curator Looks at Stuff (registration) 7PM - HAL - TESS Mission 16 - 9AM - UMdMS - Statistical estimation under group actions: The Sample Complexity of Multi-Reference Alignment (registration) 9:45AM - UMdMS - Single Image Super Resolution and Applications in Multispectral Imaging (registration) 10AM - UMdBS - How Children Reason about Evidence in a Social World 10:30AM - UMdMS - Spectrum Sharing: Problem Description and It's Relationship to Harmonic Analysis (registration) 11AM - UMdPS - Ultracold Molecules for Quantum Simulation 11:15AM - UMdPS - Why do spin qubits dephase? UMdMS - Wavelet Operators on Distributions and Stochastic Processes (registration) noon - UMdBS - Receptor kinases, GPI-anchored proteins and Cysteine-rich peptides: a story of collaborations on the cell surface for plant growth and survival UMdES - ACBBT 1:30PM - UMdMS - Mapping structure, function, and behavior in live C. elegans embryos. (registration; yes, it's math) 2PM - UMdMS - Topics in the Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation 2:15PM - UMdMS - Multivariable moment problems (registration) 3PM - UMdGS - Investigating iron's spin crossover behavior in lower-mantle minerals and its effect on phase stability using experimental and computational methods UMdMS - Unsupervised Representation Learning by Sorting Sequences (registration) 3:30PM - SCBI - Caught in the SNOWstorm: Studying Snowy Owls 3:45PM - UMdMS - Closed Ideals in the Banach Algebra of Bounded Linear Operators on Lp(0,1) (registration) 19 - noon - UMdBS - BBS 2PM - UMdMS - Ramification Theory for Arbitrary Valuation Rings in Positive Characteristic. 3:15PM - UMdMS - GT 4PM - UMdPS - Machine Learning for Jet Physics at the Large Hadron Collider 20 - 11AM - UMdCSS - Unsupervised Learning Revisited 3PM - UMdCS - Olefin Metathesis and Light 3:30PM - UMdMS - Independence in generic expansions and fusions Nonconforming Finite Element Methods for High Order Elliptic Equations in Rn 4PM - UMdPS - Dark Matter in Collisions at the LHC 8PM - UMd. Obs. - Daytime Sky Phenomena 21 - 11AM - UMdGcS UMdPS - Modeling pH-Responsive Biopolymers: From Proteins to Hydrogels noon - NOAA - Allusions,Collisions and Groundings: The Impact of the Physical Oceanographic Real Time System (PORTSr) On Accident Reduction UMdBS - Plasmacytoma Susceptibility/Resistance Gense identify mTOR and p16 Intervention in Myeloma 1PM - UMdPS - Thinking Inside the Box - Hadron Resonances in QCD 2PM - UMdMS - LGRT 3:15PM - UMdMS 4:05PM - UMdSS 22 - 11AM - UMdCS - SS UMdCSS - Beyond Binary Failures: A New Framework for Networks noon - NOAA - Citizen Science Benefits Coral Reef Restoration 12:30PM - UMdPS - Classical-to-quantum correspondence and transitions in chaotic dynamics of out-of-time-ordered correlators 2PM - UMdBS - CBCB/CBBG RIP UMdMS - Stochastic propereties of the Z^2-periodic Sinai billiard 3:30PM - UMdCS - Quantification of Phenolic Content in Dissolved Organic Matter UMdES - Hurricanes and Climate Change: Expectations versus Observations 4PM - UMdBS - Can CRISPR Displace Crop Pesticides? 6:30PM - MAA - Nuclear Weapons and Nonproliferation: Mathematical Research and Opportunities in the Science of National Security (registration) 7:30PM - ASG - JWST update 23 - 10AM - UMdBS - Using Functional Genomics to Understand Hearing Regeneration noon - UMdBS - CBMG Mixed signals: The roles of deception and learning in bumble bee preferences for floral scents. UMdES - ACBBT 2PM - UMdMS - GT Topics in the Nonlinear Schrodinger Equation 3PM - UMdGS - Deep Earth volatile cycles: When water meets iron at the core-mantle boundary 3:30PM - SCBI - Smithsonian Ornithology Exchange 8PM - PSW 26 - 11:15AM - UMdSS - PALS noon - UMdBS - Replicating and cycling stores of information perpetuate life 3PM - UMdGS - Magnetism as a lens into redox conditions in Precambrian environments with early eukaryotes 4PM - UMdBpS 4:30PM - UMdSS - A thermodynamic interpretation of electron density and temperature description in the Sun's corona 27 - 11AM - UMdCS - Histone Ubiquitination in Transcription Regulation UMdCSS - Enhancing the Discovery and Mitigation of Vulnerabilities in Binary Progr UMdPS - Special AMO Seminar 12:30PM - UMdBS - EG 3:30PM - UMdES - SS 4PM - UMdPS 28 - 11AM - UMdGcS UMdCSS noon - NOAA - Transformative Mindset Change as a Precondition to Successful Reorganization: Part 2 UMdBS - Do dependencies among organisms demonstrably result in correlated patterns of population growth? The view from some genomes. 4:05PM - UMdSS - Venus: the forgotten, mysterious planet March 1 - 12:30PM - UMdPS - Economic inequality from a statistical physics point of view 3:30PM - UMdES - The North American Multi-Model Ensemble (NMME) in Action 4PM - UMdBS - Recent Advances in Carbon Cycle Research: Temperature Sensitivity, Phenology, and Fluorescence 2 - 10AM - UMdBS - Chemical Regulation of Breathing: Neuronal Sensors and Molecular Detectors noon - UMdBS - Predicting shifts in insect feeding interactions following deforestation 3:30PM - SCBI - Seeing is believing: Vision through the eyes of a fish 7PM - BUGSS - Popscope at BUGSS! An evening of community astronomy 5 - 11:15AM - UMdSS - Mercury's Water Ice Polar Deposits noon - UMdBS - The Evolution of Self-fertility in Caenorhabditis Nematodes 12:30PM - UMdPS - Building the Dynamical Diquark Model for Exotic Hadrons 8PM - UMd. Obs. - Recyling Crustal Bits on Earth and Europa 6 - 11AM - UMdCS - Discovering New Antiviral Inhibitors Targeting an ESCRT Protein by NMR 8PM - STScI - Mapping the United Federation of Planets: An Astronomer's Guide to the Galaxy 7 - 11AM - UMdCSS - Asymptotic performance of port-based teleportation noon - NOAA - Risk Factors for Seabird Bycatch in the Hawaii Pelagic Longline Tuna Fishery 8 - 11AM - UMdBS - The Effect of Bacterial Biofilm on Virulence, and on Host Colonization vs Disease 2PM - NOAA - The State Plane Coordinate System: History, Policy, Future Directions 4PM - UMdBS - CRISPR/Cas Genome Editing Systems in Plants 9 - 10AM - UMdBS - Dynamic 3D Scene Representation noon - UMdBS - Neural codes for the sense of taste 3:30PM - SCBI - When form meets function: the influence of sperm shape on sperm aggregation behavior in Peromyscus rodents 7PM - BUGSS - What Google search data reveal about our interest in climate change 8PM - PSW - Eclipses: Using Shadows to Shed New Light 10 - 7:30PM - NCA - What We Can Learn from Dust in the Solar System 13 - 11AM - UMdCS - Solution Dynamics and Inhibitor Promiscuity of Tyrosine Kinases noon - NOAA - Methane Variation Over Terrestrial And Marine Arctic Areas (2010-2016): IASI Satellite Data 1PM - RSC ST (registration required) 6PM - Nerds In NoMa - "I'm Totally Starting a Podcast": Learning to love the mic 7:30PM - HacDC - monthly meeting 14 - noon - UMdBS - The Role of Selective Cell Adhesion in specifying neural circuits 8PM - NASM - The Earliest Galaxies: Exploring Cosmic Sunrise with Hubble, Spitzer, and JWST (ticket required) 15 - 12:30PM - UMdBS - The Dinoflagellate Gambierdiscus and its Neurotoxin Arsenal UMdPS - Optimal control of networks: energy scaling and open challenges 6PM - DASER - Creativity and Collaboration: Revisiting Cybernetic Serendipity (registration & photo ID required) 7PM - HAL - Eclipse 2017: Results and Next Steps for NASA 16 - noon - UMdBS - Beyond the Red Queen: are elevated parasite evolutionary rates driven by host shifts? 3PM - UMdGS - The Chesapeake Bay Impact Structure 3:30PM - SCBI - Population models of cats and birds in the urban jungle 20 - 7PM - RSC 23 - 3:30PM - SCBI - Victims or hosts? Disease, social behavior, and long-distance migration in the American Crow 8PM - PSW - Earth's Earliest Life Written in Stone 27 - 3:30PM - UMdES - Spatial and Temporal Variability of Water-Filled Crevasse Hydrologic State 28 - 4:05PM - UMdSS - Rattle and Shine: Joint Detection of Gravitational Waves and Light from the Binary Neutron Star Merger GW170817 29 - 3:30PM - UMdES - The Economic Costs of Pollution: Estimates from the 2015 Global Burden of Disease 6:30PM - CI CSE - The Secret Lives of Dinosaurs (registration required) 30 - noon - UMdBS - Cover crops as Insectary Plants: Impacts on natural enemies and their potential for conservation biological control 3PM - UMdGS - Amphibious seismic structure of the Cascadia subduction zone 3:30PM - SCBI - Towards using microbiomes to diagnose health of marine mammals April 3 - 3:30PM - UMdES - Investigating the causes for the unusual southwestward motion of Hurricane Joaquin (2015) through analysis of a forecast ensemble spread 5 - 3:30PM - UMdES - 2015-2016 El Nino and its impact on the carbon cycle 6 - 3:30PM - SCBI - Conservation genomics for black-footed ferrets and/or African antelopes 8PM - PSW - Cube Sats 7-8 - USASEF 10 - 3:30PM - UMdES - WRF Simulations of Land Surface Temperatures During the 2007 Valentine's Day Storm AND Radial wind assimilation for improved short-term precipitation forecasts 6PM - Nerds in NoMa - The Games We Play: Recreation in the urban space 13 - 3:30PM - SCBI - Computational Approaches to Biodiversity Informatics: from crayfish to rhinos 14 - 7:30PM - NCA - Planets Without Stars 17 - 3:30PM - UMdES - Water vapor transport and near-surface salinity contrasts in the North Atlantic Ocean 16 - 3PM - UMdGS - The Chesapeake Bay Impact Structure 18 - 8PM - NASM - Is Astronomy Ready for the James Webb Space Telescope? (ticket required) 19 - 7PM - HAL - Mercury/MESSENGER Mission 20 - 3:30PM - SCBI - Genomic insights into bird speciation in the tropical Pacific 8PM - The Rosetta Mission to Orbit and Land on a Comet 22 - noon-5PM - Rockville Science Day 25 - 6:30PM - CI CSE - Hope for People and the Ocean (registration required) 27 - 3:30PM - SCBI - Dual transcriptomics of birds with malaria May 4 - 3:30PM - SCBI - Is it time to flower? Molecular ecology and pathways of dispersal in foxtail millet 9 - 6:30PM - CI CSE - Deep Earth Through a Diamond Looking Glass (registration required) 11 - 3:30PM - SCBI - Losing not choosing? Reconstructing the evolution of female and male bird song 12 - 7:30PM - NCA - Relativistic Jets Stir Things Up 16 - 3:30PM - SCBI - Chasing the High Fliers: Radar Studies of Insect Migration 18 - 8PM - PSW - Lectures on Cassini 23 - 6:30PM - CI CSE - The Future of Cybersecurity: Winning the War (registration required) 8PM - NASM - The Hubble Space Telescope: Opening Cosmic Doors for JWST (ticket required) 30 - noon - NOAA - Managers, modelers, and measuring the impact of species distribution model uncertainty on marine zoning decisions June 12 - 6:30PM - CI CSE - Probing the Universe with Gravitational Waves (registration required) 20 - 8PM - NASM - The Historical Quest to See to the End of the Universe... Or Its Beginning (ticket required)