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See for the "instruction manual" for this list. March 2019 26 - 10:30AM - UMdCSS - PhD Defense: Characterization of Survival Associated Gene Interactions and Lymphocyte Heterogeneity in Cancer 11AM - UMdCS UMdEgS - Effect of microfluidic geometry on flow instabilities of wormlike micelle solutions UMdPS - 2D Magnetism and Novel Spintronic Devices noon - NOAA - NOAA's Newest Generation of Geostationary Weather Satellites 12:30PM - UMdBS - Genomic Patterns in a North American Pitcher Plant Hybrid Zone & Introduction to Research in the Fritz Lab 1:15PM - UMdPS - Neural Networks as Interacting Particle Systems: Understanding Global Convergence of Parameter Optimization Dynamics 3:30PM - UMdBS - ANSC UMdMS - NA 4PM - UMdPS - Totally Random: Why Nobody Understands Quantum Mechanics NOAA - Transformational adaptation to climate change (registration) 27 - 11AM - UMdCSS - Security of the Fiat-Shamir Transformation in the Quantum Ransom Oracle Model Transaction Processing at Scale 11:30AM - UMdBS - BMS noon - NOAA - Recovery of North Atlantic Right Whales Constrained by Human -caused Mortality Measuring the Earth from the Sky, Space and Ground 2PM - UMdMS - Codimension two cycles in Iwasawa theory Stochastic persistence and extinction 3PM - UMdPS - Ultralight boson detection with gravitational waves 4:05PM - UMdSS - The edge of darkness, and other halo surprises 5:30PM - UMdSoT - Salty Roads, Saltier Rivers: Causes and Consequences of Freshwater Salinization Syndrome AMS - Becoming a Space Weather Ready Nation 28 - 11AM - UMdCS - From Alkyne Origami and Metal-Free C-H Aminations to Electron Upconversion: An Array of New Tools for Solving the Ouroboros Problem UMdBS - VMS UMdCSS - Social Computing for Social Good in Low-Resource Environments noon - NOAA - Beyond break the grip (Rip Current) 12:30PM - UMdPS - Turbulence and dynamo effect in electronic materials UMdBS - CBMG/MOCB RIP 2PM - UMdPS - The Strange Metal State of the Electron-Doped Cuprates 3PM - UMdBS - CBCB RIP 3:30PM - UMdES - DS UMdMS - The lag-leadtime debate on global temperature and carbon dioxide: a statistical look through curve registration 4PM - UMdBS - ROS in the time of infection: Understanding the role of reactive oxygen species in two different host-fungal interactions 6:30PM - CI NLS - Addressing climate change with science-based energy solutions (registration recommended) 7PM - RSC - MoCo Makers Group 7:30PM - ASG 8PM - NASM - Apollo Legacy (ticket required) 29 - 9AM - UMdBS - PROXIMATE AND ULTIMATE INSIGHTS IN THE EVOLUTION OF COLORVISION IN TROPICAL FRESHWATER FISH BISI Dissertation Seminar - Qian Yu UMdEgS - BeS 10:15AM - UMdBS - Neural mechanisms of human episodic memory formation across spatial scales 11AM - UMdCSS - Hidden shift algorithms 2.0 IBBR - Structural and Functional Studies of Tailspike Proteins from Escherichia coli O157:H7 Phage CBA120 noon - UMdBS - Satellites, Drones, Sensors, and Robots: Novel Tools For Insect Population Management RNA Mango: Studying biology with RNA tools UMdPS - Non-Markovian dynamics of collective atomic states 1PM - UMdPS - Radiation Chemistry, Reactivity and Dynamics in Ionic Liquids UMdMS - The theorem of the cube Introduction to Khovanov Homology (more knots) 3PM - UMdGS - How do magma chambers grow? Insights from thermo-mechanical modeling with applications to large silicic caldera systems 31 - 3PM - RSC - Introductory Reinforcement Learning Series April 1 - 11AM - IBBR - Targeting Ubiquitin Ligases: Hormones, Metabolites, & Drugs UMdPS - Symmetries and dynamics in a quantum-chaotic system: Engineering Hamiltonians and symmetries noon - UMdES - Dinosaurs, Milankovitch Cycles & Back to a Cretaceous Earth 1PM - UMdPS - thermal environment effects in quantum transport 7:30PM - GMUObs - Water on the Moon 2 - 11AM - UMdCS - Synthetic Probes of Biological Redox Status noon - NOAA - Carbon Cycle of North America and Research Needs for Enhancing CO2 Removal 4PM - UMdPS - Quantum Information, Causality and Negative Energy 6:30PM - CI CSE - The Age of Data: Visualizing the Revolution (registration required) 3 - 11AM - UMdCSS - Supercritical Entanglement: counter-examples to the area law for quantum matter NaturalLanguage Processing and Text Mining with User Behavior Data 4 - 11AM - UMdCS - Light-Induced Drug Delivery noon - NOAA - Radio Occultation Data Assimilation Using a Limited-ray-path 2D Raytracing Operator and an Impact Multipath Quality Control in the Tropical Lower Troposphere Identifying climate service production constraints to adaptation decision-making in Sweden 12:30PM - UMdPS - 'We have no good fundamental theory (of turbulence) at all': Was Feynman right? 4PM - UMdBS - Integrating the Management of Fire Blight and Apple Production Practices 7PM - RSC - MoCo Makers Group 5 - 10:15AM - UMdBS - The fate of the native language in second language learning: A new hypothesis about bilingualism, mind, and brain noon - UMdBS - Putting Ecological Theory into Practice: 15 Years of Tidal Marsh Restoration at Poplar Island. 3PM - UMdGS - Noble gases from the deep earth: evidence from ocean island volcanoes 7PM - BUGSS - The Science of Olive Oil (registration) 8PM - UMdObs - Your Place in the Universe: Understanding our Big, Messy Existence 6 - 1:30PM - NCAS - Houdini and the Spiritualists. 8 - 3PM - UMdCS - Synthetic Chromatin and Mirror-Image Nucleic Acids 4:30PM - UMdSS - Source of High-Energy Protons Responsible for Neutral Pion Gamma-Ray Continuum from the Sun 9 - 11AM - UMdEgS - Engineered Porous Materials for Catalysis and Gas Separartions UMdSS - Optical Scattering Investigations of Environments around Airless Bodies noon - NOAA - The Social Implications of Pervasive Carbon 4PM - UMdPS - Exploring the Heart of Quantum Matter with Extreme Magnetic Fields 10 - 7PM - HHMI - The Cell is a Bag of RNA (ticket required) 11 - noon - NOAA - Adaptation, Law, and Infrastructure Planning in the Southeast: Roads Forward, Backward, or Somewhere in-Between? 12:30PM - UMdPS - Chaotic Dynamics of Driven Graphene Josephson Junctions 2PM - UMdPS - Orbital-selective Kondo-lattice and enigmatic f-quasiparticles emerging from inside the antiferromagnetic phase of a heavy fermion 3PM - UMdBS - Systems immunology of Monogenic immune disorders 3:30PM - UMdES - A (Geo)Physicist Examines the Kennedy Assassination Film 4PM - UMdBS - Improvement of Groundcherry and Goldenberry by CRISPR: Ripening the Potential of Underutilized Fruit Crops 7PM - RSC - MoCo Makers Group 12 - 10:15AM - UMdBS - Imagine That! Individual Differences in Auditory Imagery for Music noon - UMdBS - Heatwaves, novel hosts, and disappearing caterpillars 7PM - BUGSS - Psychedelics' Past, Present and Future: Baltimore and Beyond 8PM - PSW - Understanding Dark Matter Archeology of the Milky Way - The Mystery of "Invisible" Mass 13 - 7:30PM - NCA - Solar System Planets Help Us Understand Exoplanets 14 - 3PM - RSC - Introductory Reinforcement Learning Series 7PM - NoVAC - physics of black holes 15 - 8PM - GMUObs - PULSARS: THE MOST EXTREME ASTROPHYSICAL WORKHORSES IN THE UNIVERSE 16 - 11AM - UMdEgS - Engineered Nano and Nano-Bio Hybrid Materials noon - NOAA - State of Carbon in Soils and Agriculture: Linking North American Science to Global Efforts UMdBS - The linguistic abilities of birds -- on speech perception and grammarrule learning. 4PM - UMdPS - Lessons from 1945: Ethics, the War in Europe, and its Enduring Legacy 17 - 1PM - APS - The Revised International System of Units 4:05PM - UMdSS - Mysteries of Black Hole Accretion 18 - 11AM - UMdCS - Catalytic Hydrogenation of Unsaturated Hydrocarbons with First Row Transition Metal 12:30PM - UMdPS - The physical processes of brain waste removal 3:30PM - UMdES - 3D Winds: Observing the Dynamics of the Atmosphere in 3D from Space 7PM - RSC - MoCo Makers Group 19 - 10:15AM - UMdBS - The development of specialized modules for recognizing faces, scenes, text and bodies: what you see it what you get 3:30PM - UMdCS - Mechanism of Biofilm Exopolysaccharide Biosynthesis and Degradation 20 - 8PM - UMdObs - Galaxy Formation in the Universe: the Beginning 22 - 11AM - UMdSS - UMD DART Collaboration 4PM - UMdBpS - Non-equilibrium coupling of protein structure and function to translation elongation kinetics 23 - 1:15PM - UMdPS - Temperature Interfaces in the Katz-Lebowitz-Spohn Driven Lattice Gas 4PM - UMdPS - Physics and Applications of Quantum Superconducting Circuits 6:30PM - DCSC - Gravity, or an homage to the mysteries of universal attraction 24 - 8PM - NASM - The New Moon (ticket required) 25 - 11AM - UMdCS - Oxygen reduction reaction: mechanism and applications noon - NOAA - OysterFutures: Testing a Consensus-driven Process 12:30PM - UMdPS - Controlling dynamical systems using a deep reservoir computer 6:30PM - CI NLS - The gravity of volcanoes: using gravity data to probe magma reservoirs (registration recommended) 7PM - RSC - MoCo Makers Group 26 - noon - UMdES - Artificial Intelligence applications for Air Quality and Atmospheric Chemistry 8PM - PSW - Drug Abuse Vaccines 27 - 10AM-4PM - UMd - Maryland Day 28 - noon-5PM - RSC - Rockville Science Day 3PM - RSC - Introductory Reinforcement Learning Series 29 - 4PM - UMdBpS - Crowding, Clustering, and Phase Transitions in Crowded Cellular Environments 8PM - PSW - Is Pluto a Planet? A Discussion of Planetary Definition(s) GMUObs - The Golden Age of Exoplanet Discovery 30 - noon - NOAA - Global carbon budget accounting following the State of the Carbon Cycle Report: The Regional Carbon Cycle Assessment and Processes study (RECCAP-2) 2PM - UMdPS - A Classical-Quantum Correspondence 4PM - UMdPS - The Search for Axions 5:30PM - UMdSoT - Say Goodbye to Citrus? A Scientist's Quest to Save the Worldwide Citrus Industry from a Devastating, Incurable Disease May 3 - 10:15AM - UMdBS - Straighten up and fly right: Insect flight control from neurons to ecosystems 5 - 9PM - UMdObs - Asteroid Rotation Period Results from ASTR 315 Student Research 7 - 4PM - UMdPS - Science of Science 8PM - STScI - The Fiery Fate of Exoplanets 9 - 12:30PM - UMdPS - Identifying and Harnessing Attractor Dynamics in Neural Systems with Applications to Chaotic Time-Series Prediction and Turing-Complete Program Learning 10 - noon - UMdBS - New perspectives on the morphology and development of body segments in centipedes and other myriapods 20 - 9PM - UMdObs - Astronomy from 40,000 Feet: Observing Protostars with NASA's SOFIA Flying Observatory 22 - 8PM - NASM - Apollo Landing Sites Revisited: Modern Datasets at Familiar Locales (ticket required) 23 - CI NLS - Shocking minerals: From meteorite impacts to exoplanets (registration recommended)