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See for the "instruction manual" for this list. November 19 3PM UMdGS - Regional Tomography targeting mantle plumes by waveform inversion: the case of La Reunion Island 8 PSW - Microchip Accelerators Laser-driven particle accelerator-on-a-silicon-chip (proof of COVID-19 vaccination required) 22 11AM UMdPS - All-optical coherent control of solid-state spin qubits toward quantum photonic applications 11:15 UMdSS - Modeling of rocky exoplanets (incl. hurricanes!) 3PM UMdPS - The BSM orders of CPV 29 11:15AM UMdSS - Lunar dust (tentative) 4PM UMdPS - ? AND Quantum Computing with Fluxonium December 1 3:15PM UMdMS - Cycles on products of elliptic curves and a conjecture of Bloch-Kato 4:05 UMdSS - Lifting the Veil on Exoplanet Clouds and Hazes 3 8PM PSW - The Arecibo Observatory Legacy and Ideas for the Future 6 11AM UMdPS - Mechanical measurements of small forces 7 11AM UMdCS - Transient lipid-bound states of spike protein heptad repeats suggest a model for SARS-CoV-2 membrane fusion 4PM UMdPS - The Simple (and Not-So-Simple) Physics of Detecting Gravitational Waves 9 11AM UMdCS - Noncovalent Interactions for U and Me(tals) 3:30PM UMdES - Student presentations 11 1:30PM NCAS - Mass Extinction Events and What Causes Them 13 11AM UMdPS - New Technology for Exploring State-Dependent Reactivity in Radiative Association Reactions 11:15 UMdSS - Exoplanets in reflected light (tentative)