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See for the "instruction manual" for this list. Jan. 24 3:30PM UMdMS - Accurate error bounds in finite element approximations and a posteriori error analysis 25 11AM UMdCSS - Computational models of language acquisition: Lessons from humans for machines and from machines for humans 26 10AM UMdCSS - To learn and cancel quantum noise: Probabilistic error cancellation with sparse Pauli-Lindblad models on noisy quantum processors 12:30PM UMdPS - Wave-matter interaction at the Exceptional Point 2 UMdCS - Defining the Molecular Landscape of Low-Abundance Protein Biomarkers by Top-Down Proteomics and Nanotechnology 3:30 UMdES - Climate Model Projections from the Scenario Model Intercomparison Project (ScenarioMIP) of CMIP6 6:30 DASER - Arctic Ice: A Visual Archive of a Unique Collaboration (registration, photo ID, & proof of COVID-19 vaccination required) 7:30 ASG - The New Horizons Mission After Pluto 27 3:15PM UMdMS - Recognizing groups and fields in Erdos geometry and model theory 28 3PM BUGSS - iGEM Information Session (free ticket) 30 3PM UMdPS - Primordial Black Holes: Formation and Statistics 4 UMdBpS - The giant nesperin-1/2 ortholog ANC-1 anchors organelles through regulating macromolecular crowding 31 11AM UMdCS - The pursuit of how structure impacts function: from lipids to oligonucleotides 3:30PM UMdMS - Optimization Problems Constrained by PDEs and Augmented Lagrangian Methods Feb. 1 11AM UMdCS - Formation of Complex Organic Molecules in Star-Forming Regions 11:30 UMdSS - Zooming in 18 orders of magnitude: formation of large circumstellar disks in strongly magnetized cores 2 2PM UMdBS - Scalable statistical methods and software for single-cell and spatial data science UMdCS - Pushing boundaries in computational chemistry: describing quantum effects in large and complex systems with accelerated complications 3:30 UMdES - Prediction Challenges from Errors in Tropical Pacific Sea Surface Temperature Trends 7 BUGSS - iGEM Information Session (free ticket) 3 10:15AM - UMdBS - Mapping the neural dynamics of social dominance and defeat 3PM UMdGS - Electrical Resistivity, Thermal Conductivity and Melting of Fe Alloys at Planetary Core Conditions 8 PSW - NASA's Science Exploration Mission Searching for Extraterrestrial Life (see COVID-19 policy) 5 7:30PM NoVAC - supernova & the future of x-ray astronomy 7 11AM UMdCS - An Academic Industrial Antimalarial Drug Discovery Collaboration: From Orphan Screening Hit to Deciphering Plasmodium Biology 4PM UMdPS - Seeking Group Theory Mathematics for SUSY 8 6:30PM CI - Squid pro quo: Insights from a Hawaiian denizen about living with our microbial partners 9 11AM UMdCS - MOF-Polymer Hybrids - At the Interface of New Materials 2PM UMdPS - Flat bands in geometrically frustrated lattices UMdBS - What's next for computational precision oncology? 14 11AM UMdCS - Student literature seminar -- 3C-like main protease as a drug target of SARS-CoV-2 16 11AM UMdCS - Expanding the compositional and microstructural space of layered and 2D materials (MAX phases and MXenes) 17 8PM PSW - Mayan Civilization in Northern Guatemala Extensive Settlements by Remote Sensing and Field Studies (see COVID-19 policy) 22 3PM WCDG & CASSS - Pure Knowledge: Improving Downstream Processing by Deciphering Separation Mechanisms Formation of transient highly-charged MAb clusters strengthens interactions with host cell proteins and results in poor clearance of host cell proteins during downstream processing AND Leveraging Light Chain Binding Avidity for Control of Mispaired Byproducts During Capture of Bispecific Antibodies 23 7:30PM ASG - Human-Proximity Exploration of Venus 24 10:15AM UMdBS - Temperament in Context: Capturing Socioemotional Trajectories IN the Social World March 3 10:15AM UMdBS - Prediction and Reward Learning in Music, and Implications for Neurodegenerative Disease 10 10:15AM UMdBS - The role of neural precursor heterogeneity in development of the cerebral cortex 14 11AM UMdCS - Active syntaxin is sorted from reservoir clusters for synaptic vesicle fusion 17 8PM PSW - Comets (see COVID-19 policy) 30 2PM UMdBS - Single-cell methylation sequencing data reveal succinct metastatic migration histories and tumor progression models AND TreeTerminus- Creating transcript trees using inferential replicate counts 31 10:15AM UMdBS - A Cross-Species Approach to Understanding the Physiological Mechanisms underlying Age-related Hearing Loss 8PM PSW - Lizard Evolution Lessons from Island Life (see COVID-19 policy) April 4 4PM UMdPS - Bioethics and the Rules-Based International Order 6 2PM UMdBS - TREE-QMC: Improving quartet graph construction for scalable and accurate species tree estimation from gene trees AND Spectrum preserving tilings enable sparse and modular reference indexing 7 10:15AM UMdBS - "Idiosynchrony": Using naturalistic stimuli to draw out individual differences in brain and behavior 14 10:15AM UMdBS - Using songbirds to explore auditory-motor interactions during musical rhythm perception 18 11AM UMdCS Nature's protein/protein interactions--Inspirations for novel therapeutics and biotech tools 19 11AM UMdCS - Ultrafast dynamics and reaction pathways of organic cations and radicals 21 10:15AM UMdBS - Contributions of the home environment and early caregiving on neurocognitive development during infancy 23 noon-5PM RSC - Rockville Science Day May 5 10:15AM UMdBS - How does one (re)build a brain to learn and remember?