BATMAN-Advanced Setup

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Compile and install BATMAN-Advanced

Download batman-adv and batctl. Standard "make && sudo make install".

If no interface "wlan0" exists, check for a different wireless interface using 'ifconfig -a'

Setup ad-Hoc network

  1. Disable NetworkManager
    1. Right-click on NetworkManager applet, un-check "Enable networking".
    2. Fedora:
      # /etc/init.d/NetworkManager stop
    3. Ubuntu:
      # stop network-manager
  2. Disable the firewall
    1. # iptables -F
  3. # ifconfig wlan0 down
  4. # iwconfig wlan0 mode ad-hoc essid hacdc-batman channel 8
  5. # ifconfig wlan0 up

Setup BATMAN-Advanced

In the unpacked 'batman-adv' directory:

  1. # insmod batman-adv.ko

In the batctl directory:

  1. # ./batctl if add wlan0
  2. # ifconfig wlan0 mtu 1527
  3. # cat /sys/class/net/wlan0/batman_adv/iface_status
    Should read "active".
  4. # ifconfig wlan0
  5. # ifconfig bat0 up
  6. give bat0 an IP address
    1. ifconfig w.x.y.z netmask a.b.c.d up
    2. dhcp
    3. dhcp6
    4. dhclient
    5. Avahi/zeroconf
    6. IPv6

Testing BATMAN-Advanced

Display local table of known peers (by MAC address of node):

  1. batctl o

Ping by batX MAC address of nodes:

  1. batctl p uu:vv:ww:xx:yy:zz

Monitor traffic of batX interface:

  1. tcpdump -i bat0 -s 0 -v -X -n

Test connectivity between nodes:

  1. ping6 -p DEADBEEF -I bat0 (IPv4 address of host)
  2. ping6 -p DEADBEEF -I bat0 (IPv6 address of host)
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