Bike Maintenance Class

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This page will summarize what was gone over in each class and have links to further reading.

Week 1: Introduction and Flat Repair

What was covered

Component Identification and Basic Terminology


Drive Side and Non-drive Side

How to talk about gearing

Right-hand vs Left-hand Threading

Almost every threaded component on a bike is going to be right-hand threaded, which means that turning it clockwise will tighten it and turning it counter-clockwise will loosen it. Pedals and bottom bracket cups are examples where you would run into left-hand threaded components. To identify the handedness of a component hold it in front of you as in the picture below. The direction that the threads slant up too corresponds to the components handedness.


Left-handed Right-handed

Cleaning and lubing the chain

Flat Repair

  • Understanding brake and wheel quick release mechanisims
  • How to remove a tire with tirelevers
  • Identifying puncture source (don't forget to keep everything lined up!)
  • Patching

Hands On

Repairing flat tires on demo wheels.


More than you really need to know: Sheldon Brown Tells All