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== Time and Location ==  
== Time and Location ==  
:Date: December 21st 2021
:Date: December 21st 2021
:Called to order at  
:Called to order at 6:40pm
:BOD Members present:  
:BOD Members present: Brian, Tayeb, Matt, John, Michelle
:Members present:  
:Members present:  
:Members remote: None
:Members remote: None

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Time and Location

Date: December 21st 2021
Called to order at 6:40pm
BOD Members present: Brian, Tayeb, Matt, John, Michelle
Members present:
Members remote: None
Others present:
Quorum met?

Director Reports (Governance related stuff)

President's Report

Vice President's Report

Treasurer's Report

Secretary's Report

Director-at-Large Reports


  1. Decision-making: requiring a quorum for all meetings
  2. Board elections: clarification of roles and setting a date for elections
  3. Equipment - donations. Requesting and receiving donations
  4. Getting (and keeping) additional helpers:
  5. Supporting instructors & potential new instructors
  6. Managing volunteers & types of volunteers we need & volunteer projects
  7. Membership. Policy for non-members attending virtual classes/events.
  8. Membership. Should institute a virtual membership plan?
  9. Communications - committee. “Unified Data” Phase 1: Wiki-Website-Meetup-Google
  10. Covid - Health. Air quality monitor (to replace Ken’s) via Raspberry Pi HomeBridge OS
  11. Safety - Waiver. Hold harmless agreement for existing and new members
  12. Basement improvements. Decluttering and organizing the basement.
  13. Government contracts. Apply for a SAM code & DUNS number.
  14. Comms Systems. TechSoup access for free Zoom access (see John).
  15. Newsletter. Regular newsletter.


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