Board Of Directors Meeting 2012 12 04

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Time And Location

Virtual meeting using Google+ hangout, 7-9pm on 4 Dec 2012

Present: Andy (until his battery died), Ben, Eric, Katie, Martin, Tim

Discussion Topics

  1. Remote voting:
    1. Only during member meeting on the issues raised during the member meeting.
    2. Must have video telepresence of some form.
    3. Makes a public vote on the issue.
    4. Members present vote on whether or not the identity is valid, or
      1. Smaller number of members can vouch for someone if they are not recognized by Secretary
    5. Tim volunteered to write up policy for Standing Rules
  2. Workspace cleanup:
    1. Post signs around the workspace
    2. Rule in the standing rules
    3. No consequences listed, left to BoD to come up with reasonable consequence
  3. Tip jar:
    1. Need a stronger, more permanent tip jar for the space
    2. Metal box, secure lock, permanent fixture
    3. Need separate tip jars placed near consumables
    4. Need price sheet for consumable posted near their tip jars
    5. Ben posted link:
  4. Need to regulate bad behavior:
    1. Some members behave in a way that is not conducive to the group. We need to deal with this up front to prevent members from being driven away.
    2. Have an anti-harassment policy - Katie volunteers to draft
    3. Should also have an anti-discrimination policy
      1. We should be able to find text online
      2. Katie volunteered to prepare draft

Meeting Adjourned

Meeting Adjourned 8:53pm