Board of Directors

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"Central Services" is the internal reference for all members who serve in some leadership or official function at HacDC.

Disorganization Chart

The Will of the Membership (Directly Elected Positions)
The Board of Directors
The Ministers At Large Director Foo At Large Director Bar
The Coordinator in Chief The Minister of Information Keeper of the MIBS The Minister of Finance

Central Services (i.e. HacDC Organizational Administration)
Coordinator in Chief Minister of Information Keeper of the MIBS Minister of Finance

Appointed by the Coordinator in Chief:

  • *Shadow Coordinator in Chief
  • Sergant-at-Arms (Physical Security)
  • (Member who handles Public Relations)

Appointed by the Minister of Information:

  • (Member who handles Intranet)
  • (Members who handle website/wiki/etc)
  • (Members who handle Flickr, Twitter, etc.)

Appointed by the Keeper of the MIBS:

  • *The Undersecretary

Appointed by the Minister of Finance:

  • *Shadow Minister of Finance
  • Fundraising Coordinator
  • Grants Guru

Note: Boldfaced positions are currently being proposed for approval on June 17. Everything else is suggested for adoption in the future

Starred positions indicate designated assistants/apprentices to the minister, appointed on the expectation they will run for election to the position at the next annual meeting.

The Board of Directors (Set by Bylaws)

The Board of Directors, per our Bylaws consists of the Ministers and two At-Large Directors. The Board of Directors at HacDC is largely ceremonial. Members generally directly decide on all issues before HacDC. Only certain minutae and other actions required by law are carried out by the Board of Directors.

Despite direct membership control wherever possible, the Board of Directors remains primarily responsible for the affairs of HacDC under District of Columbia Corporate Law.

The Ministers

Most corporate law refers to "officers". The Ministers are our Corporate Officers and serve in the following roles:

  • Coordinator in Chief = President and Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • Minister of Information = Executive Vice President and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors (and Chief Information Officer)
  • Keeper of the MIBS = Secretary
  • Minister of Finance = Treasurer

At Large Directors

The At Large Directors are the membership's direct representation on the Board of Directors. At Large Directors should be regular members who are not involved with the day-to-day running of HacDC. They are there to offer advice and perspective to the Ministers and act as a form of internal control.

"Shadow" Ministers

Note: This is the primary concept up for approval on June 17

Approving this policy will:

  • Force the ministers to appoint assistants (i.e. Ad-Hoc Ministers, Shadow Ministers, etc.)
  • Force the ministers to teach and share duties with these appointed assistants
  • Allow the ministers to delegate control and allow relevant access, when necesary, so these members may filling these assistant roles.
  • Allow the ministers discretion to create or eliminate positions, though each minister must have at least one assistant who is fully capable of assuming their job if necessary.
  • Allow the membership to revoke or reinstate a position or member to a position by majority vote.

The reasoning for ensuring that ministers appoint shadows is threefold:

  • Each minister has a designated backup
  • Provides continuity of operations and preservation of institutional knowledge
  • Helps membership elect new ministers based on merit and performance