Bylaws Amendment 1: Revise Quorum

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We have failed to achieve quorum (50%) at all of our meetings held since introducing the charter members. As quorum is necessary to pass member resolutions, authorize budgets, etc. it is vital that we solve this problem so we go back to having meetings with binding resolutions.

Potential Solutions

  • Amending the Bylaws to lower quorum to 25%
    • Pros: The simplest solution, keeping the space as active as possible, allows business to be handled weekly, encourages continued participation through other means
    • Cons: Could lead to decisions being made by a minority of the membership
  • Amending the Bylaws to allow for monthly, as opposed to weekly meetings
    • Pros: Encourages large gathering of members monthly
    • Cons: Could still fail to get quorum, leads to confusing dates, restricts handling business to a monthly schedule
  • Amending the Bylaws to allow for a virtual meeting solution
    • Pros: Allows people to participate from anywhere, allows business to be handled weekly
    • Cons: Technically difficult to achieve, usability problems, wastes time/resources compared to other potential solutions, encourages "voting" as opposed to consensus, discourages dialogue over the wiki, mailing list, etc.


The following Amendment Proposal Petition is submitted for approval at this meeting:

Amend Article III, Section 5 of the Bylaws of HacDC to read:

At a duly called meeting, at least 25% (one quarter) of the entire voting membership shall constitute a quorum.

This proposal, in accordance with the bylaws, must be approved at a membership meeting and signed by more than three quarters (3/4ths) of voting members.

Once approved, written notice of such petition must be submitted electronically to all members and delivered to all members of the corporation physically in person or by registered mail to take effect.