Byzantium 101

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  • Download a copy of Porteus Linux.
    • Install it to a USB key or virtual machine, depending on your preference. Use the official Porteus instructions to do so.
  • Set up an account at Github and start watching Project Byzantium.
    • This will let you not only watch the project's activity from your Github dashboard, but if you join the project you'll be able to check code in.
    • You'll also be able to open new tickets in the bug tracker, and comment on existing ones.
  • Check out a copy of the source code: git clone git://
    • Now you'll have all of the code we've written.
    • To update your local checkout, change to the Byzantium directory and run the command git pull.
    • If you just want to try the latest build of Byzantium, download the Byzantium module and copy it into the directory /porteus/modules/ on your USB key or in your virtual machine after you've booted it. The module will be automatically activated the next time it's booted.
      • Note that 000-byzantium.xzm isn't updated as often as the source code repository is, so it may not be up to date.
  • Join the mailing list. Note that you'll need a Gmail account of some kind.
    • Once you're on the list, post an introduction! Tell us how you found out about Byzantium and a little about what you would like to work on.
  • Pick something to work on!
    • Pick a ticket in the bug tracker and fix it. Tell us about it on the mailing list if you don't already have commit access and post a patch (git diff) if not.
    • Experiment with Byzantium. If you manage to break it somehow, open a ticket in the bug tracker and tell us about it. Even better, post a fix for it.
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