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If you contribute to the Byzantium project in anyway (including intellectually) please add a brief (if it's more than 280 characters consider linking to a separate page) entry to this page or have someone with edit access to this page in the following format. If there is an objection to an entry it can always be removed so don't be afraid to write something. If you don't want to be identified you can use the name "Anonamoose" or anything else you want (but Anonymoose is the best choice :P). Try to keep it in roughly chronological order if you can but close is good enough (haxwithaxe will probably rewrite the page after running it through sort occasionally).

  • YYYY/mm/dd - Name - description and links etc



  • 2011/09/30 - group - byzantium planning meeting: discussed use cases, routing between meshes with nonmesh clients, prepared to finalize the development (pre-pre-alpha) build of the live distro
  • 2011/10/01 - haxwithaxe - made this page for people to record their contributions
  • 2011/10/01 - group - byzantium sprint day: TBD
  • 2011/7/9 - drwho - Set up for Porteus modules
    • Started coding web control panel for Byzantium
    • Converted Slackware v13.37 packages into Porteus modules
    • Converted Slackware packages from into Porteus modules.
    • Packaged web apps into Porteus modules.
    • Tested package compilation using the scripts Ben and Chris wrote. Noted the ones that worked, opened tickets in the bug tracker for the ones that didn't, tried to include enough information to help figure out what's going wrong in the package builder.
  • 2022/11/13 - drwho - Figured out how to put together a fakeroot directory structure that could then be used to build 000-byzantium.xzm. This is the core module of Byzantium Linux.
    • Put together the 000-byzantium.xzm module for demonstration as an alpha release.
    • Debugged rc.setup_mysql initscript so that it sets up the necessary application MySQL databases on an instance of Byzantium and locks it down. It's also extensible enough to build new functionality on later.


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