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The InterMesh is the network of meshes that is separate from the internet either functionally (bandwidth/latency limitations) or fully (completely disconnected).

Services Needed

All these services need to be distributed throughout the InterMesh.

I think we should err on the side of "Secure by default". To make it easy to grow the mesh we can't really set up encryption at OSI layers 1 and 2 (getting people to configure that in a hurry isn't going to work, though we might have some luck if we did with QR codes). I think any services offered on the mesh should offer SSL/TLS by default (we'll have to go with self-signed certs).

  • captive portal
    • to let people know about the services we are providing
  • Webmail
    • Something that works like would be ideal in that it's got a short learning curve and a UI that's easy to use from a smartphone or PDA.
  • Twitter equivalent
  • Common chat networks
    • AIM compatible eqiv.
    • Gtalk compatible equiv.
    • Facebook chat compatible equiv.
      • In short, IM-over-HTTPS.
    • IRC
      • Mibbit or something that works like it.
      • CryptoCat I think we should get in touch with the person running this project.
  • Collaborative notes
    • Mediawiki
    • Etherpad
  • File uploads
  • Streaming audio (low priority)
    • Yes, I'd plug my police scanner into my computer and stream what I pick up.
  • Voice over IP
    • Asterisk
      • Configure a conference bridge that people with softphones can talk on.
      • We'll have to test what kind of latency we get with such a setup.
      • Voicemail
      • Microblog-to-speech using Festival?
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