Byzantium Live Distro Prerelease

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Prerelease Process

DRAFT On this page we have a list of things that need to happen between the final build and the publishing of software or repackaging thereof by the Byzantium Project. Unless otherwise stated all items are required to be satisfied for an individual build before being placed in another part of the project or before publishing the project.

Build Environment

  • manifest check - make sure what you think is there is actually there. manifest files (with name <scope>.manifest) are recommended, and will be checked by the build environment once that is automated.
  • ?other sanity checks?

Runtime Environment

  • for each package/major feature set a checklist must be made that will reasonably ensure the software is behaving as expected.
    • the checklist can (and is recommended to) just say to run a script that will do the required tests and return a pass/fail status.
    • if a script is used for runtime QA it should be named "" and have 777 (a+rwx) permissions in the root directory of it's scope (eg for a package "byzantium-repo/packages/thispackagedir/"). Also it should use paths with the expectation that the script will be run from an arbitrary directory.

Human Environment

  • 2 day cool down period between building and publishing