Byzantium Sprint 1

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Goal - Reliably bridge two different and separate wireless networks without using existing internet infrastructure.

Design goals 1) There should be a webserver on each network providing a service of some kind (microblogs, web chat, file dump). 2) Nodes in either network should be able to reach both webservers. 3) Nodes on one network should be able to talk to nodes on the other network and vice versa. 4) Networks should have at least 3-5 nodes each.

Tentative schedule is as follows:

Friday - 8:00pm Pizza and planning (any particular request should email me off list). (COMPLETE!) Saturday - 9:00am Start showing up (IN PROGRESS!) Saturday - 10:00am Divide into groups and start the sprint. Sunday - 10:00am Start showing up. Sunday - 11:00am Finish the sprint! Sunday - Evening Debriefing (I'll be taking extensive notes to update the wiki).


Plans! We're gonna have two teams each will implement a mesh network using some existing mesh protocol. One team will be working with BATMAN-Advanced and the other with BABEL. Each network will use at least one openwrt device the rest will be laptops and netbooks.

from Wikipedia: Byzantine From

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Distributed DNS

see this

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