Byzantium Sprint 2 Inventory

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Add the crap you have to this list even if someone else says they have the same stuff.

Also, keep in mind that having spares around would be handy in case we fry some stuff.

haxwithaxe (chris)

  • openwrt compatable routers....10
  • FRS/GMRS handsets....2
  • laser pointers....1
  • webcams(in laptops)....2
  • usb webcams....1(non hackable :( )
  • microcontrollers....5
    • teensy 2.0
    • teensy++ 2.0
    • mbed
    • 2 jeenode v4
  • photoresistor....(will buy $20 worth before planing meeting #2 ... radioshack is cheaper than digikey ... who'da thunk)
    • Things are weird like that these days.
  • 7805....(will buy $20 worth before planning meeting #2 ... again ... wtf radioshack is cheaper)
    • Cheaper but more scarce. Buy them online, you'll have a better chance of getting them, plus it saves on gas.

The Doctor

  • Wireless routers: 2
  • FRS/GMRS handsets: three pairs
    • Uniden GMR1235-2: one pair
      • No headphone or mic jacks.
      • Will have to drill into case and patch directly onto PCB.
      • Will have to build a push-to-talk circuit, though we might be able to get away with using two per node (one sending, one receiving, on different channels).
    • Audiovox GMRS602: three (one is still MIA, I think ITechGeek has it)
      • Manual
      • Has vox support.
      • Has a combination headphone/mic jack.
      • No hardware modifications will be required.
      • Simplex operation.
      • Supports CTCSS subcodes to multiplex channels.
      • Plug pinout (held with the tip downward)
        • Center: base of plug : common
        • Left: middle of plug : phono
        • Right: tip of plug : mic
  • Walkie-talkies: 2, could get another pair, they're cheap
    • Each uses a 9V battery
  • Laser pointers: 4
    • See Make Magazine #16, Spy lasercomm device.
    • Simple design.
    • Exposed power leads by chopping up casings last night.
    • Two work well, one is kind of dodgy, one appears to be DOA.
    • Taped buttons down.
    • Taped stacks of coin cells together.
    • Spring is negative, inside of shell is positive.
  • Assorted LEDs: 20
  • Webcams (USB): 1
  • Microcontrollers: 1 Arduino Diecimiela
  • Photocells: need to order
  • Photoresistors: Seven, need to order more
  • Modems: 2
  • TinyTrak 4 (used with Project Spaceblimp)
  • Radio Shack HTX-200 HT
  • Uniden BC92XLT scanner
  • Encapsulated solar cells, 66mm x 95mm x 6mm
    • Pre-wired, with exposed holes for probes as well.
    • 0.5V @ 800mA: 1
      • Didn't generate an appreciable amount of current last night.
      • Physically larger than the other one.
      • Might be unsuitable for use as a detector.
    • 1.0V @ 200mA: 1
      • Generates a decent amount of current.
      • Reacted to room lighting and flashlight in the 'space last night.
      • Might make a good optical sensor.
  • High intensity white light LED flashlights (miniature): 2
    • I've had this model open and played around with them a bit, they're just high-intensity white light LEDs that run on 3VDC. We'll have more trouble opening the casings than putting them to use.
  • 1/8" monoaural phono plugs: 4
    • Useful for plugging into laptops.
  • 1/8" stereo phono plugs: 4
    • Useful for plugging into radios.
  • 14" jumper leads, with alligator clips on both ends: 10
  • Audio output transformers, 1K ohms in, 8K ohms out (RS 273-1380): 4
  • Assorted resistors, carbon film type, 1/4 watt, 5% tolerance: 500
    • Note: this was the only way I could find the resistors needed to build the lasercomm device. Fraggin' Radio Shack...
  • Ultra-high brightness red LEDs, 10mm diameter: 4
  • 7805 voltage regulator, 5 VDC, 1A: 3
  • Assorted cadmium sulfide photocells (RS 276-1657): 5
  • assorted rubber bands to hold transmit buttons down
  • assorted six inch lengths of heatshrink tubing to protect wiring splices, bundle coin cells into ad-hoc power packs
  • batteries for hand-helds
  • 741 op amp, mini DIP formfactor, 8 pins: 4
    • could use these to build amplifiers
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