Byzantium Sprint 3

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possible projects:

  • Revisit sprint 1
    • Gather metrics to determine efficiency of protocols.
      • Sizes of routing protocols' packets.
      • Number of packets per second/minute/hour transmitted by each protocol.
      • Average amount of traffic during normal operation.
    • Determine how many nodes can participate in a mesh before responsiveness or bandwidth begin to degrade.
  • Revisit sprint 2 with different methods.
    • Cantenna?
    • Dialup?
      • Pretty easy to test at HacDC by cross-connecting two modems and dialing between them.
    • CAT-5e or CAT-6 throws (thanks to John Gillmore)?
  • New project - something different.

E-mail your vote to byzantium [at] hacdc [dot] org with the subject "Sprint 3 Topic".