Byzantium Sprint 4

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possible projects:

  • Revisit sprint 2 with different methods.
    • Cantenna?
    • Dialup?
      • Pretty easy to test at HacDC by cross-connecting two modems and dialing between them.
    • CAT-5e or CAT-6 throws (thanks to John Gillmore)?
    • Bluetooth?
  • web replacement (for inside the mesh)
    • Can already set up web servers on the mesh and deploy web apps.
    • distributed (is it already? - Yes through OStatus )
      • Have a copy of running on a mesh node right now.
      • Tahrir
    • webmail
    • chat proxies/interceptors?
      • aim
      • facebook
      • gtalk (not really any work needed here)
        • Could probably do it with an XMPP server and a web front-end.
  • Asterisk server with web front and a couple of confs configured?
  • New project - something different.

E-mail your vote to byzantium [at] hacdc [dot] org with the subject "Sprint 4 Topic".

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