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| '''President'''
| '''President'''
| Tayeb Zaidi
| [[User:Tark|Tayeb Zaidi]]
| president@hacdc.org
| president@hacdc.org

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Current Board of Directors

Below is a list of members who currently sit on the board of directors.

Title Name Email Key ID Fingerprint
President Tayeb Zaidi president@hacdc.org
Vice President John Pancoast vicepresident@hacdc.org C2FB7BDD 20FF A728 0AA8 BAFD 784E A59A 83B8 738B C2FB 7BDD
Secretary Michelle Savage secretary@hacdc.org
Treasurer Matt Stafford treasurer@hacdc.org D3F18AD5 C471 9C16 0822 D885 7636 2558 EE78 8C89 D3F1 8AD5
At Large Director Gabriel Altay atlarge1@hacdc.org
At Large Director Brian Madonna atlarge2@hacdc.org

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