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Current Board of Directors

Below is a list of members who currently sit on the board of directors.

Title Name Email Key ID Fingerprint
President Julia Longtin A91EB81D C43F 6795 F4A5 0726 74C0 A955 0642 4B7D A91E B81D
Vice President Tom Idding
Secretary Ben Goldweber 4F6ABA17 8CB6 47CD D456 3496 3ADA 702E CB35 F820 4F6A BA17
Treasurer Enrique Cobas D3F18AD5 C471 9C16 0822 D885 7636 2558 EE78 8C89 D3F1 8AD5
At Large Director Matthew Hines
At Large Director Kevin Cole D43A1AEE 32AA 3BEF 29C8 6D0F 4A7A 0DB5 3DEE 87BB D43A 1AEE

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