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  • Some of the nearby ceiling wiring may be live. Don't touch.
  • Screws and splinters.


Anything that can set the shelves or their contents on fire is not allowed.

  • DO NOT leave any lights or other hot appliances turned on in the basement, and especially not in the back room.
  • Flammable items (hydrocarbons, propane canisters, reactive chemicals, etc) are not to be placed on wood shelves, nor exposed to floor moisture.
  • Items (if any) on top shelf must be low-profile and 3' from pipes, chandelier, and other ceiling obstructions.
  • Equipment left permanently online in the basement must be properly enclosed for fire safety (eg. in case of CPU heatsink failure). Bare motherboards are specifically not allowed.


Please consider the following to ease HacDC cleanup efforts:

  • Larger, bulky items should be stored closer toward the door, and accessible from the side if possible.
  • If there are two or more of something, all that something should be in the same place, on the same shelf.
  • Keep good-condition items toward the left-side of the shelves, poor-condition items toward the right-side. This is to allow easy disposal of poor-condition items as replacements arrive. Example: broken laptops would be placed toward the right side.
  • Leaving space between categories of items for expansion and easy re-sorting is strongly preferred.
  • Stacking items to fill the entire 16" shelf height is strongly preferred.
  • Water sensitive materials (ie. cardboard) not recommended at floor level.
  • Push-pins are best for re/movable labels. Especially avoid unnecessarily weakening wood with screws or nails.



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