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There are no classes currently scheduled at HacDC.
See [[Suggested Classes]].
== How to Run a HacDC Class ==
# Identify something you can teach.
# Plan how to present your content.
## Is there a working projector in the space?
## There are a couple of whiteboards you can use.
# Assemble any necessary parts.
# Use the [ Event Calendar] to schedule a time.
# Add the class description, including date and time and anything participants should bring, to this page.
# Publicize!  Send an e-mail to the hacdc mailing list and possibly to [[:Category:Friends | Friends of HacDC]].
# Run the class.  Share your knowledge.  Have fun.  Take some pictures.
# How did it go?  [ Blog] it!  Have suggestions for next time?  Add them here!

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