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Introduction to Python

This class will take place on August 30th 2008 from 1:00PM to 4:00PM. It will be taught by Q and his friend Rob.

Also see Suggested Classes.

How to Run a HacDC Class

  1. Identify something you can teach.
  2. Plan how to present your content.
    1. Is there a working projector in the space?
    2. There are a couple of whiteboards you can use.
  3. Assemble any necessary parts.
  4. Use the Event Calendar to schedule a time.
  5. Add the class description, including date and time and anything participants should bring, to this page.
  6. Publicize! Send an e-mail to the hacdc mailing list and possibly to Friends of HacDC.
  7. Run the class. Share your knowledge. Have fun. Take some pictures.
  8. How did it go? Blog it! Have suggestions for next time? Add them here!