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| To simplify things, and prevent one-admin-hijacking in the future, all ministers and shadow ministers e-mail traffic is expected to go here.
| To simplify things, and prevent one-admin-hijacking in the future, all ministers and shadow ministers e-mail traffic is expected to go here.
| [[The Ministers]]
| [[The Ministers]]
| coordinatorinchief, keeperofthemibs, financeminister, informationminister
| coordinatorinchief, keeperofthemibs, financeminister, informationminister, ''shadow ministers''
| Mailman
| Mailman

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This policy is meant to clarify how communications are handled at HacDC. We have an obligation to:

  • Collaborate clearly and effectively within HacDC.
  • Communicate effectively with the general public.

This policy outlines the various methods of communication necessary to facilitate the mission of HacDC.


E-mail is the front line of contact between HacDC and the outside world. It is also how most contact happens within the organization. The communications policy spells out how e-mail is to be used by HacDC for maximum effectiveness and mibs.

Member E-mail Addresses/Aliases

Each member is entitled to an e-mail account. HacDC shall offer hosting for e-mail accounts or offer the option of forwarding to the member's chosen e-mail address. Member e-mail shall not be archived, except as chosen by the member in a hosted e-mail account.

Ministerial E-Mail Addresses

These are rotating e-mail addresses forwarding to those currently holding the relevant title. They are subscribed by default to the appropriate internal organizational lists, allowing for easier changeover of positions.

E-mail address Aliases Member Currently Forwarding To
coordinatorinchief@ (None) Coordinator in Chief User:Q
keeperofthemibs@ (None) Keeper of the MIBS User:database9
financeminister@ (None) Minister of Finance User:nickfarr
informationminister@ (None) Keeper of the MIBS User:allirense
atlargedirector1@ (None) At Large Director 1 User:1057
atlargedirector2@ (None) At Large Director 2 User:koeppel

Public Mailing Lists

Our public lists, which anyone can sign up for, are:

Nobody is automatically subscribed to these lists, but everyone on our members list has been invited and new members will continue to be invited to them. You can encourage all your friends to sign up for them.

Internal E-mail Addresses

These addresses are the internal contact addresses within HacDC. They are not necessarily private, though we should encourage the public to contact us through one of the organizational e-mail addresses.

E-mail address Aliases Purpose Group/Person Served List Members Archived by
advisors@ (None) List for people who are not members but are nonetheless important to HacDC. All members have been invited, and any prospective and former members should be encouraged to join this list Advisory Council (Subject to Member Review) Mailman
bod@ theboard, ministersplustwo The Board of Directors ministers, atlargedirector1, atlargedirector2 Mailman
members@ (None) This list has been uncapped, and it will probably become a VERY noisy list. HONORARY members are entitled to be on this list if they so choose. The Members The Members Mailman
members-announce@ (None) This list is moderated by the ministers and is designed to supply only essential traffic for members. In theory, a weekly update of happenings on all the other lists, the meeting agenda, and last week's meeting minutes go on this list. Also for emergencies (i.e. the church is burning down). EVERY MEMBER HAS BEEN AUTO SUBSCRIBED to this list. HONORARY members are entitled to be on this list if they so choose. The Members The Members Mailman
ministers@ theministers, officers, command, thanklessjob To simplify things, and prevent one-admin-hijacking in the future, all ministers and shadow ministers e-mail traffic is expected to go here. The Ministers coordinatorinchief, keeperofthemibs, financeminister, informationminister, shadow ministers Mailman

Organizational Contact E-mail Addresses

These are e-mail addresses that are public. They may be used within the web page, wiki, on documents, flyers, etc. as a way for people to contact members serving that particular function. Each generic list should also have an archival function associated with it, either an archive e-mail address or a web archive available only to members of the list.

Replies shall be handled by members from whatever e-mail address they choose to reply from. However, all replies must cc: the original contact list.

The following are the current OC e-mail addresses

E-mail address Aliases General Purpose Primary Contact List Members Archived by
info@ press, help, abuse, * General inquiries and contact, catch-all Coordinator in Chief The Ministers Mailman
web@ www, blog, wordpress, wiki, mediawiki Web page design, inquiries, WordPress administrative requests Minister of Information Web Team Mailman
compliance@ irs, dcra, dmca, theman Corporate paperwork, things we really cannot let slip by the wayside Keeper of the Mibs The Ministers Mailman
news@ Send info here on items/events that should be blogged on

Static Organization E-mail Address

Static contact e-mail addresses should be used very sparingly for a particular justified purpose. These are actual e-mail accounts Only a relevant Minister should have access to each account.

Each key should only be considered valid if it is signed by the master HacDC GPG Key

E-mail address Aliases General Purpose Respnonsible Parties Key ID Justification
finance@ paypal, donations, fundraising Everything dealing directly with money Minister of Finance NO KEY YET Financial transactions and details should not be sent to a list
secure@ gpg, pgp Anyone who wishes to securely communicate with HacDC Coordinator in Chief, Minister of Finance NO KEY YET Secure communications to be re-wrapped and sent by HacDC, Address associated with HacDC GPG key and other certificates

Project Contact E-Mail Addresses

Each ongoing project must have an e-mail address associated with it. The e-mail address may be an alias for the project coordinator, a discussion list for the project as a whole or an alias to info@ so The Ministers may be able to send project inquiries to the correct relevant parties. In any case, the status of each project contact e-mail must be documented here:

E-mail address Aliases General Purpose Delivery Mechanism Archived?
multi-touch-int-display@ (None) Discussion list for the HacDC Multi-touch device Project. Mailman via Yes
museum@ (None) Discussion list for the HacDC Museum Project. Mailman via Yes
neighborhoodwireless@ (None) Discussion list for the Columbia Heights Wireless Project. Mailman via Yes
smartclothing@ (None) Discussion list for the Smart Clothing Project. Mailman via Yes
micromondays@ (None) Discussion list for the Microcontroller Course Mailman via Yes

Web (Static Content)

Web (Dynamic Content)



Our twitter is hacdc



We don't have a HacDC phone line yet, but Project Red Phone is working on it.



IRC is another method of communication for HacDC. It is a great way to keep in touch or have meetings with groups of people separated by distances.

Members of HacDC (and a few Friends of HacDC) maintain the IRC channel #hacdc at This is the officially recognized channel where The Ministers and/or designates are expected to provide information on HacDC and discuss HacDC projects and activities.

Projects whose communities rely on IRC are encouraged to start their own IRC channels or actively participate in existing channels.

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