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Our general communications policy is simple:
Our general communications policy is simple:

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Our general communications policy is simple:

  1. Pick a system that works to facilitate communication
  2. Use it
  3. Don't change it unless it's failing.


E-mail is the most common method of communication within HacDC and between HacDC and the outside world.

Public E-mail Lists

Our public lists, which anyone can sign up for, are:

  • : A moderated, weekly update list designed to keep the general public informed about what's happening, what's been discussed and what's coming up at HacDC.
  • : Our completely unmoderated and public open discussion forum covering a wide range of topics and questions.

Public POC E-mail

All inquiries from the outside world, via e-mail, should go to may be used within the web page, wiki, on documents, flyers, etc. as a way for those outside HacDC to contact the organization.

Internal/Member E-mail Addresses/Aliases

Each member is entitled to an e-mail account. HacDC shall offer hosting for e-mail accounts or offer the option of forwarding to the member's chosen e-mail address. Member e-mail shall not be archived, except as chosen by the member in a hosted e-mail account.

Internal E-mail Lists/Accounts

E-mail address Purpose List Members Archived by A discussion forum for the HacDC Advisory Council, where HacDC solicits advice and council. Advisory Council, Members Mailman Contact list for the Board of Directors The Board of Directors Mailman E-mail account for all things relating to HacDC Finances The Minister of Finance Archived E-Mail (7 year retention cycle) Open, unmoderated discussion for HacDC Voting and Non-Voting (i.e. Honorary) Members The Members, Honorary Members Mailman Moderated, essential traffic for members. Primary distribution method for weekly members update, meeting minutes and agendas and emergencies. The Members, Honorary Members Mailman Primary contact address for the administrators of HacDC, designed for use by members to address specific concerns and by ministers to keep each other updated on minor administrative action. The Ministers, Shadow Ministers Mailman Primary contact list for the PR team of HacDC, designed to help members and associates get events publicised via HacDC's public e-mail lists, blog, twitter, etc. Mailman

Project Contact E-Mail Addresses

Each ongoing project must have an e-mail address associated with it. The e-mail address may be an alias for the project coordinator, a discussion list for the project as a whole or an alias to bod@ so The Ministers may be able to send project inquiries to the correct relevant parties. In any case, the status of each project contact e-mail must be documented here:

E-mail address Aliases General Purpose Delivery Mechanism Archived?
multi-touch-int-display@ (None) Discussion list for the HacDC Multi-touch device Project. Mailman via Yes
museum@ (None) Discussion list for the HacDC Museum Project. Mailman via Yes
neighborhoodwireless@ (None) Discussion list for the Columbia Heights Wireless Project. Mailman via Yes
smartclothing@ (None) Discussion list for the Smart Clothing Project. Mailman via Yes
micromondays@ (None) Discussion list for the Microcontroller Course Mailman via Yes
reddoor@ (None) Discussion list for the Door Entry Project Mailman via Yes

Web Presence


Our main website is run on Drupal and functions primarily as a blog.


Our wiki is run on MediaWiki. You're most likely reading it now.


Our twitter is hacdc.


Our Livejournal is hacdc.


Our Phone number is (202) 870-5002.


Visit or point your IRC client to #hacdc at This is the primary chat medium for HacDC.

Projects whose communities rely on IRC are encouraged to start their own IRC channels or actively participate in existing channels - we have control of the entire #hacdc-* namespace, if sub-channels are needed.

A few folks also use the 'blabber' conference room on the jabber server Jabber services are also provided by

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