Communications Policy

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Our general communications policy is simple:

  1. Pick a system that works to facilitate communication
  2. Use it
  3. Don't change it unless it's failing.

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Web Presence


Our main website is run on WordPress and functions primarily as a blog. Static content on the webpage is managed through various WordPress document templates.


Our wiki is run on MediaWiki. You're most likely reading it now.


Our twitter is hacdc.


Our Livejournal is hacdc.


Our Phone number is (202) 595-2274, but it's not hooked up yet. Project Red Phone is working on it.


We use the 'blabber' conference room on the jabber server Jabber services are also provided by


IRC is another method of communication for HacDC. It is a great way to keep in touch or have meetings with groups of people separated by distances.

Members of HacDC (and a few Friends of HacDC) maintain the IRC channel #hacdc at This is the officially recognized channel where The Ministers and/or designates are expected to provide information on HacDC and discuss HacDC projects and activities.

Projects whose communities rely on IRC are encouraged to start their own IRC channels or actively participate in existing channels.

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