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This policy is meant to clarify how communications are handled at HacDC. We have an obligation to:

  • Collaborate clearly and effectively within HacDC.
  • Communicate effectively with the general public.

This policy outlines the various methods of communication necessary to facilitate the mission of HacDC.


E-mail is the front line of contact between HacDC and the outside world. It is also how most contact happens within the organization. The communications policy spells out how e-mail is to be used by HacDC for maximum effectiveness and mibs.

Member E-mail Addresses/Aliases

Each member is entitled to an e-mail account. HacDC shall offer hosting for e-mail accounts or offer the option of forwarding to the member's chosen e-mail address. Member e-mail shall not be archived, except as chosen by the member in a hosted e-mail account.

Organizational Contact E-mail Addresses

Generic e-mail addresses should be lists comprised of members serving that particular function. Each generic list should also have an archival function associated with it, either an archive e-mail address or a web archive available only to members of the list.

The following are the current OC e-mail addresses

E-mail address Aliases General Purpose Primary Contact List Members Archived by press, help, abuse, * General inquiries and contact, catch-all Coordinator in Chief The Ministers Archival e-mail account www, blog, wordpress Web page design, inquiries, WordPress administrative requests Minister of Information Web Team Archival e-mail account mediawiki Wiki inquiries, help, administrative requests Minister of Information Wiki Team Archival e-mail account irs, dcra, dmca, theman Corporate paperwork, things we really cannot let slip by the wayside Keeper of the Mibs The Ministers Archival e-mail account

Replies shall be handled by members from whatever e-mail address they choose to reply from. However, all replies must cc: the original contact list.

Project Contact E-Mail Addresses

Each ongoing project must have an e-mail address associated with it. The e-mail address may be an alias for the project coordinator, a discussion list for the project as a whole or an alias to info@ so The Ministers may be able to send project inquiries to the correct relevant parties. In any case, the status of each project contact e-mail must be documented here:

E-mail address Aliases General Purpose Alias/List/Other Primary Contact List Members Archived? (None) Discussion list for the Columbia Heights Wireless Project. List Yes, Archival e-mail account

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