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HacDC's LulzBot Mini 3D Printer.

Current Machine Status

Operational --Nostromo (talk) 18:51, 12 April 2015 (PDT)

General Info

Model: LulzBot Mini

Printing Procedures

Everything below this is just a boilerplate copy of the cube wiki and doesn't apply until I edit it--Nostromo (talk) 15:44, 11 February 2015 (PST)

3D File Preparation

The LulzBot Mini uses custom slicer software (Cura) to convert a ".stl" files to a ".gcode" file which is what the LulzBot Mini printer understands.

  1. Power on the Laptop labelled "LulzBot Mini Computer"
    • Track pad is disabled so use the eraser head
  2. Open the "Cura Software"
  3. Import your .stl file
  4. Settings
    • Quickprint profile:
      • High quality print: ???
      • Normal quality print: ???
      • Fast low quality print: ???
    • Material
      • HIPS is probably what's loaded. Make sure by reading the label on the spool.
    • Other
      • Print support structure: If you have overhangs or levitating parts etc..
      • Print Brim: Helps with stickage issues (Haven't needed it yet)
  5. File/Print to complipe the gcode and sent to the Cura Control Program

Powering on the LulzBot Mini

  1. Make sure the LulzBot Mini is on it's marks on the table (Beside the shelf next to the door etc..)
  2. Make sure the power cord is plugged in on the back of the unit
  3. Make sure the power strip is turned on
  4. Press the beg red button and it should light up
    • I know this is super obvious but it's in the boilerplate so now you have directions to feed your robot on how to turn on the LulzBot ;-).

Before You Start The Print!!

Prep the Print Bed (IMPORTANT)

  • For PLA/ABS/HIPS just clean the bed using an alcohol swab (Should be one in the LulzBot Mini Kit)
  • For more exotic filaments you may have to apply PVA Glue Stic (Refer to the manual)

Start the Print

  1. The Cura Control interface (Target looking thing) should have come up when you hit print in the Cura Slicer
  2. Hit the print button to begin
    • Don't worry about setting the temps etc.. That is handled automatically by the slicer.

Monitoring the Print

Now that the Mini has started printing it's important to keep an eye on it. If at any time you see an issue please cancel the print by hitting the "Motors Off" button on Cura control interface.

Removing the Print from the Build Plate

You're almost done now it's time for the last step. Removing the print from the build plate.

  • Wait for the build plate to fully cool down
    • In the Cura Control interface the display at the top of the window should show Temperature <35 and Bed <35
  • The part will probably just slide off when you touch it
    • If not make sure you waited for the build plate to completely cool
    • Otherwise gently use the knife from the LulzBot Mini kit to remove the part by sliding it under and carefully prying it loose (careful not to scratch the build platform).

Please Clean up for Others

Please do the following procedure so the next person can use the machine

  • Clean the bed with an alcohol swab
  • Turn off the printer
  • Turn off and stow the laptop

Operators Log

Please provide feedback on our print in the operators log for this printer Mini_Operators_Log

Bed Leveling

LulzBot Mini does this automatically YAY!!

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