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  • Robotics Course (Robot Project): HacDC is working to develop a set of classes that will function to take a beginner with a robotics kit from zero to programming the robot's motion and eventual integration with machine learning techniques.
  • Ham Radio (HAMRADIO): HacDC maintains a heavily used amateur radio station, W3HAC, administered by the HacDC Amateur Radio Club (HARC). There are various transceivers at HacDC and antennae on the roof of St. Stephen's, as well as a repeater station now online. HARC hosts guest speakers, participates in contests and holds study sessions and administers FCC amateur radio licensing exams.
  • 3D Printing (3D Printing): HacDC has a LulzBot Mini and a significantly modified LulzBot Taz regularly up and running; they are run off a 3D print server and instructions for logging in and printing remotely are posted by the printers. We also have a handful of other 3D printers in various states of repair and upgrade including a RockStock Max or two and a RepRap and others. These are demonstrated, used, repaired and upgraded during 3D Thursdays.
  • Optical Table Robot (PA_OTR): OTR includes work to build the large-format multi-tool on the basement optical table (3D printer, 40-100W laser cutter, pick-n-place, router) as well as work to purchase and upgrade a smaller laser cutter tool for classroom use. Current (2016) efforts are focused on designing and assembling the upgrades to the smaller classroom cutter (40W) which will be used for training before moving onto the high-power machine. Work overlaps with Microcontroller Mondays and 3D Thursdays.
  • Spaceblimp (HacDC Spaceblimp): HacDC has launched, tracked (with GPS and radios) and recovered six stratospheric balloons, regularly reaching 100,000ft and collecting various data including beautiful pictures of our lovely blue planet. We expect to participate in the Global Space Balloon Challenge in 2017 once the jet stream gets back into its Spring position.
  • CRISPR (DC CRISPR Initiative at HacDC): CRISPR-Cas9 is a revolutionary new gene-editing technique. Project CRISPR will (2017) edit the genome of E.Coli to add some antibiotic resistance using the Open Discovery Institute's DIY Bacterial CRISPR Kit. Materials are on-hand and event planning for the first event is underway. Project CRISPR will explore HacDC's interest in microbiology in general.
  • Electron Microscope (PA_SEM): Project SEM is the ongoing restoration of a scanning electron microscope at HacDC.
  • Expansion (PA_EXPANSION): Buy and/or build tools and equipment, with focus on rapid expansion of HacDC capabilities. Expansion categories include without exception, manufacturing, electronics, optics, particle physics, semiconductor fabrication, and biohacking.
  • Supplies (PA_SUPPLIES): Repair equipment. Maintain consumables, office supplies, spare parts, and other items routinely needed or sold at HacDC.
  • Stuff: HacDC has lots of stuff. More stuff is always coming in. HacDC has a limited amount of space. Some stuff has to go out.



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